Accept User Ratings in WP Recipe Maker for WordPress

The WP Recipe Maker plugin lets you easily accept ratings from your readers to appear alongside the recipe itself and in search engine results. All you need to do is enable this feature.

Note: the ability to accepts user ratings for your recipes is a premium feature in the WP Recipe Maker plugin.

How to Enable User Ratings

All of your comment fields in your WordPress theme will be retrofitted with the five-star rating system. Below, we’ll show you how to enable this feature.

  1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Click Settings under WP Recipe Maker
  3. Select Star Ratings

Here, you can enable and disable the various rating systems below.

Different Kinds of Star Ratings

As needed, you can enable and disable two different kinds of star ratings: Comment Ratings and User Ratings. Both of them allow readers to add a star rating, but they have slightly different capabilities.

Comment Ratings

Enabling Comment Ratings means that users will be able to add a rating when leaving a comment. Stars will appear by the comment field.

User Rating

Enabling User Ratings means that users will be able to rate a recipe using stars without requiring them to leave a comment.

On Your Way

If you’ve been following along in our series, you now have a solid grasp on the fundamentals of using the WP Recipe Maker plugin with your WordPress Hosting account. If you have any comments, questions, or requests, be sure to leave a comment below. We always appreciate feedback.

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