Mastering Your WordPress Site Structure

You already know that the design of your WordPress website is very important. Countless articles tell you that your website must be visually engaging, encouraging visitors to come back regularly. However, to truly increase your audience retention, your website must have a good site structure.  Mastering your WordPress site structure is key. A good site Read More >

Resource Guide — Types of Websites You Can Build With WordPress?

WordPress was originally developed to revolutionize blogging. However, as the platform grew, it was quickly realized that WordPress can create any type of website. With endless customization and an easy-to-use interface, there is no limit to the type of website you can build.  In addition, WordPress, which is popular with beginners and web developers alike, Read More >

How to Display Recent Blog Posts on WordPress Homepage

Blogging is an important, effective way to increase traffic and engagement on your WordPress website. Moreso, by adding recent posts to your homepage, you can encourage retention by showcasing your dynamic content front and center.  In this article, we’ll show you how to easily display recent blog posts on your WordPress homepage. The instructions in Read More >