334: Embedding vs Uploading videos in WordPress posts and pages

When you build your website with WordPress, you may want to add videos to increase your user experience. The big question is whether to embed videos from sources such as YouTube and Vimeo, or upload them directly into your WordPress site. Below is a guide on whether it is best to embed or upload and then a quick guide on how to perform each.

Embedding vs Uploading

When adding video to your site, you will have the option to either embed or upload the content to your site. There are benefits to each, though overall embedding is the strongly recommended choice.


Uploading video is good only in that you have complete control. The video will live on your hosting server, so as long as the server is up, you can serve the video. That is pretty much where the benefits end. The downside is that as the video is served, it uses your servers resources and bandwidth. On shared environments, this can be bad if you have a popular video.

Also, if other people hotlink or embed your video to their site, they will be using your resources as well. Another restriction to consider is the file size. Your host may only allow files of a specific size of lower to be uploaded to your account. The third party video sharing may also have a limit, but they are far larger than that of a hosting company.

If you still wish to upload videos to store and use from your hosting account, you can learn how to do so with the instructions in the article below:

How to upload video content in WordPress


Embedding is by far the superior choice for placing videos on your site. Embedding via sites such as YouTube of Vimeo allows you to use their server resources. This way, even popular videos will not hurt your hosting server as it is being served from the third party servers. Also, the servers at YouTube and Vimeo are also specifically designed to serve high video content. While any server can do it, the ones set up for it specifically do better. Also available via the third party sites is the ability for the user to select the resolution in they wish to view the video.

Embedding a video is a very simple process, even with working with the third party video sites. Below are instructions on how to embed a third party video to your WordPress site.

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