How to Create 301 Redirects in WordPress with Redirection

For WordPress users—both beginner and intermediate—the problem of managing many URLs can become a headache. Meanwhile, you may be building up 404 errors in the background of your site (which can pollute your SEO). You need a way to easily create 301 redirect rules for your WordPress site.

Thankfully, there’s a popular WordPress plugin that makes redirection very easy. And you don’t need to worry about editing your .htaccess file. In this article, we’ll show you how to easily create 301 redirects with Redirection, a WordPress plugin.

How to Install the Redirection Plugin

If you are familiar with how to search, download, and install WordPress plugins, you may skip ahead. If not, we’ll show you how to install the Redirection plugin here:

  1. Log into WordPress Dashboard

  2. Click Plugins

    Click Plugins on the left side panel

  3. Click Add New

    Under Plugins click Add New

  4. FindRedirection

    Use the search bar to find “redirection”

  5. Install Redirection

    Find the Redirection plugin by John Godley (should be the first result) and click Install

  6. Activate

    Click Activate

The Redirection plugin has now been installed and activated. We’ll show you how to use it in the next section.

Easy 301 Redirect from Old Page to New Page

We’ll start this tutorial with a problem: Let’s say I have a page called “About” and want to change it. Some blogs now have a page called “Now” instead of “About.”

So I’ve created a page called “Now” and added my current information to it. What’s next? Should I delete the “About Us” page because I’m done with it? Not yet. This is the ideal process:

  1. Create the “Now” page.
  2. Publish the “Now” page.
  3. Add a 301 redirect from the old “About” page to the new “Now” page.
  4. Unpublish the “About” page.

This way, if someone spots my “About” page in Google, and they click on it, they won’t go to a 404 page; they’ll be redirected to the new “Now” page. Let’s break down each step of the process:

  1. Select Redirection

    Under Tools select Redirection

  2. Paste the Source URL

    Paste the URL for the source page (“About”) in the Source URL field under Add New Redirection

  3. Paste the Target URL

    Paste the target URL (“Now”) in the Target URL field

  4. Add Redirect

    Click the Add Redirect button (Notice: your new redirect appears in the above list of redirects.)

Your redirect has now taken effect. You will want to make sure that you unpublish the “About” page (set it to Draft or Trash it) and log out of WordPress in order to test the redirect.

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