Thoughts on “How to Modify MX Records Using cPanel

  • Hello, I have my domain pointed to another hosting but I have my email accounts here in hosting inmotion. I need the inmotion MX hosting records to functionally correct my emails, because they do not work at this time

    • When you pointed your domain away, you also changed which DNS would be used for your website. The DNS contains the information on where your email traffic and your web traffic will be directed. You will need to modify your DNS at the current host and point your MX records to InMotion using an A record pointing to IP address of your InMotion Hosting account. You can find your IP address (shared IP -if it’s not a dedicated IP that you have subscribed to) by logging into the cPanel and looking at the Server Information link.

  • Can you configure the google MX but also those of the domain itself?

    Context: pay only one gmail account but the rest of the domain accounts will be created in cpanel.

    I can not get emails created in cpanel but google if they arrive.

    • Unfortunately, this would need to be an all or nothing type of service. Either all email accounts are hosted on Google’s servers or all email accounts are hosted on your own server.

  • I stand corrected.  You do want to set the local mail server MX record to 100… at least larger than any external mail exchange record.  BUT, what also must be done is the the email routing selection MUST be changed to local… mail will not come through on AUTO.

    Later, after MX records are fully propagated, this should be set to REMOTE or the local server removed from MX so that spammers cannot directly address the mail server.

  • You have an error in your documentation.  It says that I should move the existing MX record to 100 to avoid mail bouncing when I am propagating MX records.  But, that doesn’t work.  Doing what cpanel says (leave at lowest) does work.  CPanel docs say:


    • Local Mail Exchanger (current detected setting)
      If the lowest number mail exchanger points to an IP on this server the server will be configured to accept mail locally and from outside the server.
    • Thanks for the comment. It’s possible that the alert box you’re referring to references an older version of cPanel. We will review the content based on your recommendations.

  • My client has their domain and email hosted at another company than inMotion Hosting. The actual website is hosted on inMotion.

    On the other hosting company, the A Record for the site is pointing to the proper ip address at inMotion for the website.

    So… The website and email are working fine.

    The problem is that when I try to submit a form on the website, I get a send error.

    When I go to the inMotion cPanel, and MX Entry, I’d assume that I would select Remote Mail Exchanger, but I cannot.

    None of the email Routing selections have been selected, nor can I select one as the “Change” button is greyed out.

    What is it I need to do to make form sending work?




    • You should be able to set the email routing to Remote in the MX Entry tool. If there is an issue, be sure to contact Live Support so they can correct the issue for you.

  • hi guys, 

    i have host my one email id on gmail and other in my webmail. I have set all priority of gmail in MX entries and set my webmail priority 11 but massge recieving always fail in this case.

    How do configure both priority in MX entries.

    • If you are using Gmail services for hosting your email, this tells the world to deliver the email to them instead of our servers. For example, if you set a priority 11 to a mx record, it will not deliver there unless all lower number records fail.

      This means you can only use Gmail, or InMotion Webmail, but not both.

      Thank you,

  • Hello John-Paul,

    I am setting up with Office 365 and have created the sub-domain and other dns records provided and they all validate.  However, the MX record is not validating.  I tried MX Tools and it is showing that the mx record does not exist.  

    In CPanel, I chose the MX Entry tool, selected the subdomain and then added the dns name provided by Office 365.  However, they recommend setting the Host name to the sub-domain name but that is not an option in the InMotion CPanel.  

    • You can set up the subdomain in advance and then assign an MX record to it with the DNS tools in cPanel.

  • Hi Guys, In order to pass SPF authentication with DMARC when using Amazon SES to send email, you need to create a FROM MAIL Domain and add an SPF and MX entry to DNS. However, in cPanel in inmotion the Advanced DNS page does not have type MX. I know there is a place to add MX, but this one does not include the VALUE field which is required. Please can you see this article and advise?


    • Hello Phil,

      Thank you for contacting us. I looked at the link you provided, and it can be accomplished with the above guide. Be sure to create the subdomain first, such as the “” in the link. Be sure to replace with your actual domain.

      Then, you can choose the subdomain from the drop down menu in the “Domain” section, and add the mx record. Such as the example value:
      Priority: 10

      If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.

      Thank you,

  • Hi, I have a question. I have domain purchased with Godaddy.

    Have point the DNS to Inmotion successfully. And point back the MX back to Godaddy (coz already have 5 emails set up at Godaddy). The issue now is we can receive the email (using Outlook Express) as usual, but cannot send out email (all email will be in outbox, cant send out) 

    Can help to guide me if anything I miss out? Thanks

    • Sorry to hear that you are having trouble configuring your email after setting up your domain with our hosting. In addition to setting up the MX records you can also set up an A record for (of course with your domain instead of “”).

      We have a full guide about using third party email services with your InMotion Hosting account.

  • Hi there,

    I dont understand the process of support. I received and email asking me to “verify the account with either the last 4 of the credit card on file or the current AMP password” and the link to do it. But this link is taking me to a tutorial on how to do the MX update. So I do need to verify and you guys take care of MX update o I do this. 

    PLEASE HELP I am currently out an email account. 



    • Hi Liana,

      Yes, before we can make changes to your account, for security purposes, you need to provide verification. We provided the link, so if you so