341: How to change the username of your WordPress admin account

Most people think of weak passwords as the main fault when someone hacks into their account. While this is generally true, having a weak username can also put your account at risk. Most people use the default username when installing a program, even if they take the time to craft a secure password. Once the admin username is created in WordPress, it is not allowed to be changed by default from within the admin interface. While there are plugins that can do this for you, we have some quick instructions on how to change it within your phpMyAdmin tool in the cpanel.

Changing your WordPress Admin username

  1. Log into your cPanel interface.
  2. From here, look for the Databases category and click on the phpMyAdmin tool.
  3. Click on the database you want to work with from the left-hand sidebar. If you do not know which database you need to access, check our our article on finding your database name to get it.
  4. After clicking on the database name, a list of all the tables will appear in the right hand panel. Click on the Browse link for the wp_users table to view its data.
  5. Now that the data has appeared, find the admin account. This is normally the one with the ID of 1. You should also be able to identify it with the username. Once found, click on the username column for that row. This will allow you to change it to anything you want. Be sure to not use the word ‘admin’ in any form when creating the new username.
  6. When you click away from the row, you should get a quick message saying ‘1 Row Affected‘. This means the data was updated successfully. Now you can return to your admin login and use the new username. Your old weak username is now no longer a problem.

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