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Do you want to do something with WooCommerce but it doesn’t have the option? You can quickly add features to WooCommerce by using one of the many Extensions, also known as Addons, or Plugins. In this guide, we will go over some of the popular options for expanding the functionality of WooCommerce. This should help you learn about the available tools and decide if they will work for your site.


If your plan is to sell products from your WooCommerce store on Amazon and Ebay there is an integration plugin. With this tool, you can quickly list and manage your products on these popular platforms automatically. Everything from pricing to shipping and inventory can be handled right in your WordPress Dashboard.

Extension Price
Amazon and eBay Integration Free

Direct checkout

Do you want to customize the “Add to cart” button, or allow customers to go straight to the checkout page? This plugin can increase sales by streamlining the checkout process and allowing the customer to make purchases quicker.

Extension Price
WooCommerce Direct Checkout Free

PDF invoices

Do your customers prefer an invoice in PDF form? You can easily include a PDF invoice with all orders automatically using the PDF Invoices plugin.

Extension Price
PDF Invoices $79/year

Currency Switcher

If you are selling products to international customers, they may not be using US Dollars as their currency. The Currency converter widget allows them to see your prices in their preferred currency. This can help you sell to a larger international market.

Extension Price
Currency Converter Widget $29/year


Do you need to book appointments or take reservations directly from your website? With the Bookings plugin, visitors can choose their own time slots and schedule right from your website. This saves time and money since they do not need to interact with one of your employees.

Extension Price
WooCommerce Bookings $249/year


Allow visitors to purchase memberships for your site or grant access when they purchase specific products using the Membership plugin.

Extension Price
WooCommerce Memberships $149/year


Want to sell subscription-based products or accept recurring payments? The Subscriptions plugin is a quick way to allow that. Combine this with the Membership plugin to allow members to make regular payments.

Extension Price
WooCommerce Subscriptions $149/year

Checkout Field Editor

WooCommerce makes a great plugin for modifying the checkout page. This lets you quickly add or make changes to the available fields to fit your business.

Extension Price
Checkout Field Editor $49/year


Want to save time and money by printing your own USPS shipping labels? This free plugin speeds up the shipping process by bypassing the lines at the post office. Your package will be ready to go as soon as you print the label.

Extension Price
WooCommerce Shipping Free

Shipment Tracking

You can automatically provide shipment tracking information to customers using the Shipment Tracking plugin. Save time and resources by automating this process. It is compatible with most major shipping companies including USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL among others.

Extension Price
Shipment Tracking $49/year

Live Chat

Chatting with customers is a great way to close a sale or provide customer service. This plugin can be installed for free but it requires a LiveChat license.

Extension Price
LiveChat Free but requires a LiveChat license starting at $16/month

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