WooCommerce B2B Plugin — A Powerful Wholesale Solution

Depending on your needs, establishing wholesale functionality on your WordPress website can quickly become complicated. Cobbling together plugins and code to satisfy your needs often ends in frustration and you begrudgingly simplify your wholesale functionality to just something that works

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Luckily, your days of scaling back your online wholesale operation are over. Enter WooCommerce B2B, the first all-in-one reseller/wholesale plugin that will make your WooCommerce store business-to-business friendly. With WooCommerce B2B you’ll no longer need to install multiple plugins to create the online wholesale solution you need. All the features for successfully running a business-to-business store online are included in one software package and accessible through one interface in your WordPress dashboard. 

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WooCommerce B2B Features

The WooCommerce B2B plugin will give you access to many powerful features. Some of these features include:

  • Hiding product prices to guest users and only allowing registered customers to see prices and purchase products. 
  • Categorizing registered customers by customer groups. 
  • Setting single product prices by customer group, global percentage discount or both.
  • Creating product discounts by customer group. 
  • Showing prices with and without taxes.
  • Configuring specific product categories to be visible depending on the customer group.
  • Approving customer registration and determining which customer gets access to which sections of your wholesale website. 
  • Setting a minimum purchase quantity and minimum total order amount. 

Explore the demo and view the screenshots below to learn more about how this powerful plugin can support your online business-to-business goals. 

  • WooCommerce B2B price hidden from guest
  • WooCommerce B2B price shown to logged in guest
  • WooCommerce B2B minimum checkout price
  • WooCommerce B2B individual discount for wholesale customer

Installing WooCommerce B2B

To install the WooCommerce B2B plugin, you will need to first purchase it from the developer site. Once purchased, import the plugin file into your WordPress dashboard by following the instructions below:

Of note, you must install the free WooCommerce plugin first in order for WooCommerce B2B to work. 

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard
  2. Navigate to Plugins>Add New
  3. On the Add New screen click on the Upload Plugin button
  4. A file upload box will appear. Click Choose File, select the plugin file, then click Install Now. Once installed, the plugin should appear in your dashboard menu on the left-hand side

Save yourself time and money by using a plugin that provides all of your wholesale needs, and more, in one software package. You can also learn more WooCommerce and how best to optimize your store with our WooCommerce Education Channel.

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