How to Change WooCommerce Default Pages

Which pages will WooCommerce use for your shop, cart, and account pages? Why do you need to know?

Actually, you don’t need to know. WooCommerce creates these pages automatically when you first install the plugin. But since you’ve decided to use WooCommerce, you have unlimited options for creatively changing the appearance of your site and how customers will use it.

Can You Change These Pages?

Yes, you can change the default pages WooCommerce uses when your customer visits their shop, cart, or accounts pages. For example, what if you wanted to change the cart page to something more custom:

Default Cart:

Custom Your Cart:

You can easily change this in the WooCommerce settings:

  1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Click Advanced under WooCommerce > Settings
  3. Update the Page Setup by choosing a custom page from the dropdown menus
  4. Be sure to Save Changes when done

That’s all you need to do in order to change which pages WooCommerce will display when your customer is navigating through the site.

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