How to Change Product Prices in WooCommerce

You can change the price of a product in WooCommerce through your WordPress admin panel.

Each product you add to your store can be assigned a Regular Price and a Sale Price. Where you will edit these pricing option depends on whether your product is a “Simple Product” or a “Variable Product”.

Changing the Price of a Simple Product

Changing the price for a simple product is as simple as filling in a new number. We will get to variable pricing later.

  1. Log into WordPress Dashboard

  2. On the left panel click Products

  3. Select the product you want to edit

  4. Under Product Data make sure you have selected the General tab

  5. Update the Regular Price field or Sale Price field with a number

Changing the Price of a Variable Product

Changing the price for a Variable Product is slightly different. In this case the price is set as a variable — something that can change depending on the product variations.

  1. Log into WordPress Dashboard

  2. On the left panel click Products

  3. Select the product you want to edit

  4. In the Product Data dropdown menu check to see if Variable Product is selected

  5. Under Product Data choose the Variations tab

  6. Choose the Add variation dropdown menu

  7. Select the variation for Increase or Decrease regular prices

  8. Click Go

  9. Fill the desired number or percentage in the alert box

  10. Click Ok

Well done! Now you know how to change product prices for Simple Products and Variable Products in WooCommerce.

Thoughts on “How to Change Product Prices in WooCommerce

  • Hi, does anybody know how to add condition for price? For example, if buy 1 is $60 + shipping fee and if buy 2 or more is $50 each + free postage

  • Hi,


    I need help in visibility of the product pricing on my website.

    If i select simple product, price is shown as say $500 and sales price as $199. but if i use varaiables then pricing says (depending on the variables as) $50-$500. 

    i would like to know if the price on my website can still be shown as fixed $500 sales price $199 with the variables on? so when the customer tries selecting add ons price changes. example a customer choses an add-on for $20 price changes to $119.


    can we do this with standard plugin? if yes how or do i need to buy a plug in? if yes which one?



  • Hello, i have a question.

    I know how to add my price and calculated with the shipping costs. with Woo commerce

    Now my question is for example i give free shipping above the 100 euro purchased.

    How can i calculated this in my final price. ex. one item is 79.99euro so ad the end the price is calculated with the shipping and inc Vat. But the costumer takes a product that is 79.99euro and a product of 44.99euro thats 124.98euro total in he’s cart. So its above the 100euro and free of shipping. Can Woo commerce calculated this. 



    • Hello Diego,

      You can see how to add the conditional free shipping in this post. He shows how he adds free shipping on the condition of a certain sale amount. Other than that method you will need to use a plugin. Hope that helps!

  • Hello Need HELP PLEASE!

    I sell wedding stationery on my website and I want to have different attributes with different variations prices for my items. Example: Laser Pocket Fold (#1 attribute) >> 50 for $112.50; Main Invitation (#2 attribute) >> 50 for $30; RSVP Card (#3 attribute) >> 50 for $30 and then will give a total price adding all the options below.


     Is there away I’m able to that? I found this website below that display the items like I want to do for a better understanding:


    I will appreciate your help.


    • Hello Evelyn,
      Thanks for your question about adding variable attributes to a product in WooCommerce. WooCommerce does allow you to this. Check out their documentation on the steps to add custom attributes per product. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

  • i have successfully changed my products to sale prices but on product page it still shows my original price ‘from £42.50’ rather than the new lower sale price. Sale price is only visible once a product has been selected.


    can I adjust to show new ‘from price’ as the sale price marked?


    • The way sales prices display depends on your specific theme. Check with your theme to see if there is an built-in way to adjust how sales display. We are happy to help you troubleshoot further but will need some additional information such as the URL of the site.
      Thank you,

  • guys hi i need help… how can i edit product prices but after i do that i can see the original price? because i already instert a lot of items and i will forgot wich items i change and wich not… can i filter via date? or something else? i will make them via multible choise and by categorie but after that i need a way to see wich i change and wich not…

    thanks and sorry for my english…

  • How do i set prices to change at a later date  without removing the products from my site tried to schedule them and they removed from the site presumably till the date i inputted

  • Tried adding prices on variable products, the wheel just spins loading then wordpress asks me to sign in again. Process gets repeated, no prices get added. Just loads then quits :/

    • I recommend running a repair on the database that WordPress is using. This can help with issues encountered during this process as these entries are being updated directly in the database. If that does not correct the issue, I recommend creating a backup and then proceeding to update your WordPress, plugins, and themes. I hope this helps!

  • Very informative; thanks for all your help. I am trying to set a price of $19.97 for my simple product, but WC keeps displaying the price as either $19.00 or $20.00 (ie, rounded numbers). How can I get the extra 97 cents to show up?

    • According to one of the earlier answers to the question, you should be able to set regular pricing in the configuration for WooCommerce. If you need to see more specific information on WooCommerce pricing, then please see this their documentation.


    Hello, when creating a product and giving it a price does not take it. I have to re-edit it but the quick edit form and it just takes it there. It is very annoying to edit 2 times the same product. How can I solve that? Since the new updates of woocommerce are driving me crazy. Pd: Do the same with SKU

    • Hello Fabian,

      Sorry for the problem with adding prices to a product twice. We are not able to duplicate that behavior, so your best bet is to contact WooCommerce support. They are the makers of the product, so they will be the option to resolve problems with the product.

      If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

      Arnel C.

  • I sell photo’s and when they have bought it, I want the customer to be able to download the image they purchased via a link how do I get that as each photo is different so I can’t set a specific download path?




  • I need to charge a large group of prices and sku numbers in WooCommerce.  How can I accomplish that without doing it one product at a time.

  • I also can’t get it to work- I followed your variation instructions and instead of changing the price it gives a price range so $84.00 is the original price and I needed to change it to $92.00 and now it says $84-$92.00 instead of $92.00

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