WHMCS “Department Not Found” Error

Managing support requests for your users is an important part of your web hosting reseller strategy. The errors described below are related to issues that can arise in your support department. Whether you’re a full team or a single admin operation, you will want to deal with errors as they may arise. The errors are Read More >

How Many cPanel Accounts Do I Have?

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How To Fix WHMCS – Curl Error – Couldn’t Resolve Host (6)

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How to Consolidate and Remove cPanel Accounts in WHM

In this article: Merge cPanel Accounts Terminate cPanel Accounts Note that cPanel creation is no longer unlimited. For more information, please see cPanel Pricing Changes. You can see the pricing that now applies to cPanel licenses. To learn more about this change, please see our FAQ on cPanel Pricing Changes. Merging and terminating cPanel accounts Read More >

How To Fix The WHMCS “Down For Maintenance” Error

Receiving obscure errors on your WHMCS page can be alarming. Is something broken? What do I do now? In this article, we’ll take a look at the “down for maintenance” error and what you can do to fix it. We’re going to cover: Troubleshooting steps to take first What is maintenance mode and why do Read More >