How to Embed Audio

Podcasters and musicians looking for an alternative to Soundcloud may prefer Below we cover how to embed audio files, called “Clyps” into your content management system (CMS) or other website using HTML. Only public Clyps can be embedded Embed Clyp Go to the page On the right, copy the HTML code under Read More >

How To Choose A Web Designer

The digital age is in full swing and a web presence is expected by your potential customers. A website, no matter how small, can legitimize your business and create an important layer of trust between you and the public. In short, a website can bring in more business.  In This Article: Is Hosting Included?  Team Read More >

Edit Grav Pages

After installing Grav, one of the first things you’ll want to do is edit your Grav site. Those familiar with Github, Mattermost, and Slack will understand much of the Markdown markup language used in Grav. Below we cover how to edit Grav pages via Admin plugin, cPanel File Manager, or FTP. Admin Manual Here is Read More >