Organizing Your Content For A Successful Web Design Process

Whether you’re in the beginning stages of creating your content or have everything in a folder and ready to go, you need to be strategic in how you send your content over to your web designer. Your file naming conventions may make sense to you, but could another person follow your organizational structure? Clearly labeling Read More >

Do You Need A QuickStarter Or A Custom Web Design Package?

You know you need a website but you aren’t sure if you need a QuickStarter or a custom multi-page site. The easiest way to decide between one or the other is to think about your business goals.  In This Article: QuickStarter Custom Web Design Packages If you will be selling products or services and need Read More >

How To Prepare For The Web Design Process

Jumping into the web design process prepared will position you for a smooth project. Organizing your materials and ensuring the web designer has everything they need to complete your website is a must for the success of your web design project. In This Article: Page Count Starter Content Products  Plugins The below walks you through Read More >

Defining Goals For Your Web Design Process And Web Designer

A successful web design process is truly dependent on how clearly you define and articulate your goals. The web designer is there to bring your vision to life, but if the vision is unclear, the process will become frustrating for all parties involved. Presenting focused goals will produce the best results and web design experience. Read More >

Which WordPress Themes Are Best for Dedicated Server Accounts?

Companies always ask whether their requirements merit the need for Dedicated Hosting. While there’s no standard answer to this question, a big part of the decision is whether you want to pay a little extra to ensure minimal downtime, high functionality, optimal support, plenty of storage, high speed and more. When you’re choosing the best Read More >

QuickStarter – Filling out the Design Form

When you are filling in the QuickStarter design form, it’s important to provide as much detail as possible for us to understand your business or website purpose. In this guide, we will go over some of the important details to include when filling out the QuickStarter design form. Filling out the Design Form Keep in Read More >