307: How to change your admin password in PrestaShop 1.5

Password rotation is very important for your site security. Other than easily guessed passwords, the next mistake administrators make is to leave a password in place for too long. It is recommended you change passwords often to make it harder for hackers or other snoopers to break into your account and do damage. The damage from an infiltration can take months to recover from, and in the worst cases, can even cause you to shut down your site. Below are the instructions for changing your admin password from within the back office.

Modifying your admin password in your PrestaShop 1.5 back office.

  1. Log into your PrestaShop 1.5 dashboard.
  2. Using the top menu bar, hover over the Administration tab and click on the Employees option from the menu.
  3. You are now on the Employees (users) list screen. Locate your admin employee row and click on the Edit edit icon to take you to the Employee Edit screen.
  4. From the Employee Edit screen you will need to locate the Password field. Enter your new password in the field. Be careful and certain of the password when entering the data, as there is not a second field to enter the password to check for errors and it shows as dots instead of the actual text.
  5. Click on the green Save button once you have selected a new password. This finalizes the change. You may want to test it by logging out and attempting to log in again.

    You have now learned how to modify the admin password in PrestaShop 1.5. If you cannot log into the admin area with your new password, please see our article on resetting your admin password by email.

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