How to change the Logo in a PHP-Nuke Web Page

When you first load PHP-Nuke, the initial look of the website will often need to be changed.  This means changing the logo that’s being shown in the front end.  Each theme that is used with a PHP-Nuke website has a designated logo file called LOGO.GIF.  This file can be replaced with your own logo and modified to meet your needs.  The following article shows how to make this change within the PHP-Nuke interface and theme structures.
NOTE: Make sure that you have created a recent backup of your website before making the following changes. This will provide you a return point in case something unexpected happens.

Follow along with the steps below to learn how to change the Logo in a PHP-Nuke web page.

Replacing the Logo in a PHP-Nuke Website


Changing the Logo File

The following steps use the Cpanel File manager to access the LOGO.GIF file used within the website theme.  Creating or modifying a logo requires a graphic program not provided within the hosting service or the PHP-Nuke CMS.  If you require more information on using the File Manager, please go to Using the Cpanel File Manager.
  1. Before you begin, you will need to verify the theme that you are using. Login to the PHP-Nuke Administration back end.  
  2. Default theme used

    Click on the PREFERENCES icon, then scroll to the bottom of the screen.  

  3. Look for the line that reads DEFAULT THEME FOR YOUR SITE.  Note this down, or leave the window open so that you can reference it when we are looking at the website files.
  4. Login to your Cpanel.
  5. Open the File Manager, then navigate to your installation files.  You will be looking for the THEMES folder.   Click on the THEMES folder, then search for the theme that you identified in step 3.  Open the folder of the theme that you are using.  The location of the LOGO.GIF file may vary per the theme that you are using.  
  6. However, first make sure to find the original LOGO.GIF file, then rename the file or delete it.  Make sure that you have a backup of the file before you delete it.
  7. Upload the logo file that you wish to use in its place.   The file that you are uploading will need to be renamed so that it uses the same name as your previous logo:  LOGO.GIF.

This completes the replacement of the logo file.  Make sure to take a look at the website and check to make sure that the logo file is appearing as per your needs.  If necessary, you can also alter the HEADER.HTML file so that your logo appears that way that you wish.  Here are a few screen shots showing the change in the logo appearance:


Original logo used

NEW LOGO used:

New Logo replacing the old


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