OpenStack News: OpenInfra Live Keynotes 2021, LOKI Stack, and OpenStack Xena’s 24th Release

Did you Miss the OpenInfra Live: Keynotes 2021 Event?

The OpenInfra Live Keynotes, held in November, was a two-day online event showcasing the best in open source infrastructure advancements, contributions, and development. This two-day event hosted various industry leaders that are shaping the future of open source infrastructure and technologies such as: Balaji Srinivasan, Martin Casado, Allison Randal, Sarah Novotny, Sean Cohen, Duan Xiaodong, Jim Zemlin, Meltem Kocabas, Aeva Black, Johan Christenson, and more that can be viewed here

The OpenInfra Live Keynotes were introduced by the Open Infrastructure Foundation’s Mark Collier, COO, and Jonathan Bryce, Executive Director. It’s already been a full year since the inception of the foundation, and they’ve experienced a tremendous amount of growth and support by tremendous organizations and contributors. 
In case you missed the live event, you can check it out on the Open Infrastructure Foundation’s YouTube Channel here.

LOKI Stack: The OpenInfra Standard

The world’s top three open source projects are infrastructure-related:

  • Linux: the standard open source operating system for the last 30+ years
  • OpenStack: the standard open source cloud that had its 24th release in 11 years
  • Kubernetes Infrastructure: the standard open source container orchestration in 6 years

Jonathan Bryce, Executive Director of the Open Infrastructure Foundation, introduced the acronym for combining these three platforms to make up the LOKI stack. It stands for Linux, OpenStack, and Kubernetes Infrastructure. The 2021 OpenStack User Survey revealed that over 70% of surveyed organizations integrate OpenStack with Kubernetes, showing LOKI to be the right choice in running containers on open source clouds.

OpenStack’s 24th Xena Release

The 2021 OpenStack User Survey revealed significant OpenStack growth over the last year. The highlights included are as follows:

  •  Over 100 new Openstack clouds have been built, growing the total number of cores under openstack management to more than 25,000,000 cores.
  • 100-200% increase in the OpenStack footprint.
  • Seven organizations have now grown to 1M+ production cores.

After the survey results, the OpenStack community released the 24th version of Xena, one of the most widely deployed open source cloud infrastructure software projects. This release includes support for new hardware features, improved integration among components, reduction of technical debt to maintain OpenStack’s stable and reliable cores, and more! To see the release highlights broken down by OpenStack project, read OpenStack’s Xena Latest Release Notes or review the Source Code.
To review the full results of the 2021 OpenStack User Survey, click here.

InMotion Hosting’s On-Demand Private Cloud

Be on the lookout in the new year for when we integrate OpenStack Xena into our On-Demand Private Cloud.

Our On-Demand Private Cloud makes it easy for companies and enterprises to move to or integrate an on-demand private cloud platform as part of their multi-cloud strategy. This provides the additional benefits of in-built privacy, security, and governance for sensitive data and workload processing. The cloud administrator has full ownership over the resource capacity of the chosen architecture and the hardware component specifications are completely transparent.

Pricing is also shown up-front with no unexpected licensing costs, or any other hidden costs, allowing for reliable IT infrastructure budget forecasting, critical in multi-cloud scenarios. Qualified users have the opportunity to test for free and pay in production. Get started today.

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