InMotion Hosting is now a Corporate Sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation

InMotion Hosting is now a Corporate Sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation

OpenStack is a leading open-source cloud management system for large enterprises and cloud providers like InMotion Hosting.

OpenStack foundation sponsorship.

Since its initial establishment in 2001, InMotion Hosting has invested in open source projects, building its own technical backbone on open source. Which is why they’re proud to finally announce the recent corporate sponsorship of the OpenStack Foundation.

Providing support beyond monetary contributions, the InMotion Hosting team uses OpenStack every day and regularly invests their time and experience in helping locate and report bugs to the projects’s IRC channels.

The values and standards of open source technology run deep in the information technology landscape. But most people still don’t appreciate the difference between private cloud and public cloud or what makes cloud products different from standard web hosting accounts.

That’s why InMotion wants to provide an private cloud alternative to the public cloud, outline approachable implementation paths, provide robust documentation, and make OpenStack more generally accessible to small businesses and everyday users through the brand new Flex Metal Cloud product.

“OpenStack is a critical part of Open Source alternatives to the mega public clouds. Our focus on easy to deploy and manage OpenStack will give more options for small and medium businesses to join the OpenStack user base.” – Todd Robinson, InMotion Hosting co-founder and President

Flex Metal Cloud users will be able to safely and quickly deploy small but scalable private clouds in a production-ready environment with the assistance of InMotion Hosting’s industry-leading support team. Plus, all of InMotion Hosting’s supporting content will help guide those who want to test and explore on their own.

The power of the private cloud must not be limited to technical adepts and certified pros. With a tight focus on key technologies and tools, with easy-to-follow documentation, InMotion Hosting’s Flex Metal Cloud product will allow both new and current OpenStack users to quickly build and deploy on-demand private clouds on OpenStack.

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For a full list of Flex Metal Cloud features and to be considered for the Early Adopter Program, please visit InMotion Hosting’s Hosted Private Cloud page.

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