OpenStack Foundation Changes Name to Open Infrastructure Foundation

Open Infrastructure Foundation announces name change

The OpenStack Foundation recently announced that it is changing its corporate name to the Open Infrastructure Foundation (OIF). Taking effect in 2021, the name change represents a commitment to further expand open source software philosophy and practices in the cloud computing industry.

To build the open infrastructure of the next decade, OIF is committed to providing resources and experience across a wide variety of applications.

InMotion Hosting is proud to support OIF in this initiative. As the cloud computing industry rapidly develops, newer and faster products must exceed the demands of the marketplace.

Open Infrastructure Foundation logo

“As a Silver Founding Member of Open Infrastructure Foundation, our company is committed to delivering open source projects, community engagement, and services that ensure open source stays transparent and one of the most actively developed projects on the planet.”

Todd Robinson, President and Co-founder of InMotion Hosting

The applications for this kind of open source infrastructure include software virtualization, artificial intelligence, Network Function Virtualization (NFV), and much more.

InMotion Hosting hopes to play a vital role in the nurturing and growth of open source projects and provide unparalleled support to the power users who will bring human creativity to match digital potential.

Read the full press release to learn more.

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