How to Make Backups in OpenStack

Having a solid backup strategy is important in the event where data is lost
and you need to recover it. In this guide, you will learn how to make backups
of instance data, volumes, and how to store backups outside of the OpenStack


Considerations for Testing Backups

Backups should not only be created, but should be confirmed they contain
all data as well as be restored and tested as part of a polished backup
strategy. Consider a disaster recovery scenario where you have known backups,
however they were never tested, and are not usable due to some circumstance.

Instance Backups

How to Create an Instance Backup

This section demonstrates how to create an instance backup using Horizon by
creating a snapshot.

Step 1 — Create Instance Backup


To create a backup of an instance, navigate to Project -> Compute -> Instances.

From there, find the instance in question and click the Create Snapshot
button. This starts the process of backing up the instance data and may take
some time to complete.
um create instance snapshot

Step 2 — Confirm Backup Completion

To confirm the snapshot was created successfully, navigate to Project ->
Compute -> Images
, then find the snapshot in the list.
um list snapshot

How to Recover an Instance Backup

This section explains how to recover an instance backup using Horizon.

Step 1 — Recover snapshot


To recover the instance snapshot, navigate to Project -> Compute ->
and launch a new instance. When filling out the form, ensure you
select as the boot source Instance Snapshot and choose the snapshot to
um launch instance from snapshot

Step 2 — Confirm restoration

To confirm the snapshot has restored list the instances in Horizon and check
the status column. Check to ensure everything still works as expected within
that instance.
um successful instance restore


Volume Backups

How to Create a Volume Backup

In addition to creating instance snapshots, you can also create backups of
volumes in Horizon. This is important when a persistent volume is used and you
want to create backup copies of it.

Step 1 — Create volume backup


To back up a volume, navigate to Project -> Volumes -> Volumes, then to
the volume in you are working with, select from the drop down on the right,
Create Backup.
um create volume backup

Fill out the following form with at least the name of the backup and any other
fields needed.
um create volume backup form

Step 2 — Confirm volume backup creation

To confirm the backup created successfully, navigate to Project -> Volumes
-> Backups
, then locate the backup in the list, and take note of the
Status column. You should see Available indicating the backup is
complete and ready to use.
um volume backup list


How to Recover a Volume Backup

This section will explain the steps needed to recover a volume backup using

Step 1 — Find the volume backup


To find the volume backups, navigate to Project -> Volumes -> Backups and
confirm the backup is in the list.
um confirm volume backup list

Step 2 — Restore volume backup

To restore this backup, choose from the listing drop down on the right, the
Restore Backup option.

Choose the Create a New Volume option to recover this backup into a new
volume, that can be later attached to an instance as needed.
um restore volume backup

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