On-Demand OpenStack – FMC Release V1.1

Flex Metal Cloud Release Update V1.1

Flex Metal Cloud Release V1.1 – Feb 15th, 2021

Our goal is to enable smaller teams to easily learn, run, and grow private cloud infrastructure. We are also big Open Source fans so we are focused on improving OpenStack for use by smaller teams. This can mean teams of 1 to teams of 100s. OpenStack, to architect, build, and run, is very hard. To also do so economically, with easy and economical scaling, is almost impossible unless you are backed by a large company.

So our unique goal – enable the “smaller team” to easily provision OpenStack based infrastructure at a cost that enterprises or mega clouds can get due to their unique scale.

Currently, we are provisioning 3 server Ceph backed OpenStack private clouds in on-demand. A summary from previous posts:

  • Production grade OpenStack and Ceph on a 3 server footprint.
  • Private control plane.
  • Spun up in 45 minutes.
  • Add additional servers in another 20 minutes.
  • Charge by the hour.
  • Keep the costs low and, absolutely, absolutely, beat the TCO of running on the mega clouds including your team costs if you manage your own private cloud with us.

New in V1.1

This version was focused on two areas – stability of the automated provisioning and improved customer journeys. Some highlights:

  • Opening up Free Timed Trials for all users – come try it out!
  • Additional monitoring of key automation. This release increased visibility to both speed of delivery and decreased the average time for servers to come out of power off to SSH responding.
  • Improvements on Flex Metal Central including pulling in the Cloud Operators Manual to be native in Central.
  • User feedback bug fixes and minor improvements.

OpenStack Private Clouds that can be spun up and down easily.

The response we are getting is very exciting. It is clear this has a place in the market to improve new adoption and increase competitiveness of OpenStack. Ideas in play already:

  • Rapid proof of concepts for new deployments, new business models, new tooling on top of OpenStack, etc.
  • Training for all kinds of purposes – companies planning OpenStack adoption, new employees that will be taking over operations of OpenStack, even training companies that want an easy way to get people into a production-grade environment
  • Speed up testing of new OpenStack features and versions – very popular right now is Kubernetes on Magnum
  • Insert your idea here!

So, if you believe in Open Source and your company is using a “Mega Public Cloud”, please consider On-Demand OpenStack private clouds. Built on Open Source, no lock in, better costs, and private from the start.

Todd Robinson
Todd Robinson President at InMotion Hosting, BoldGrid, and – a big OpenStack fan!

I would really appreciate any thoughts and guidance you might want to share. Please connect with me on LinkedIn or leave a comment below with requests or questions — even corrections if I managed to mess up something!

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