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OpenStack is at the core of our Infrastructure as a Service product, featuring hosted private cloud. We also use OpenStack to provide IT services to our own staff. As both active users of OpenStack and the first to create on demand hosted private cloud on OpenStack, we want to share our experiences with OpenStack. You can find more information in our OpenMetal Cloud Product Guide as well.

Documentation Links
OpenStack Cloud Operator’s Manual
OpenStack Operator’s Manual — Extended
OpenStack Cloud User’s Manual

If you are going to be an operator and a user, the best place to start would be with our OpenStack Cloud Operator’s Manual and a Small OpenMetal Private Cloud Core. With a pre-configured OpenStack and Ceph, this manual is designed to get an experienced system administrator up to speed on running and using OpenStack and Ceph in roughly 40 hours of hands on training and experimenting.

Additional guides to the core manual exist as OpenStack Operator’s Manual — Extended. Contained within is a brief introduction on how to create a Kubernetes cluster, for example.

For project users, or those that do not have administrative access to the cloud, see the OpenStack Cloud User’s Manual. These guides focus on how to use a cloud instead of operating one.

OpenStack Tutorials

You can also contact our Account Managers to request longer Timed Trials or Credits to help offset building a Proof of Concept.

We hope the following content helps you be more successful with OpenStack, either here at InMotion or where ever your cloud takes you!

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  • OpenStack News: OpenInfra Live Keynotes 2021, LOKI Stack, and OpenStack Xena’s 24th Release
    Did you Miss the OpenInfra Live: Keynotes 2021 Event? The OpenInfra Live Keynotes, held in November, was a two-day online event showcasing the best in open source infrastructure advancements, contributions, and development. This two-day event hosted various industry leaders that are shaping the future of open source infrastructure and technologies such as: Balaji Srinivasan, Martin Casado, Allison Randal, Sarah Novotny, Sean Cohen, Duan Xiaodong, Jim Zemlin, Meltem Kocabas, Read More >
  • On-Demand Resources in a Multi-Cloud Environment – CI/CD Solution for OpenStack’s Zuul Project
    About Zuul Zuul is an open-source program that drives continuous integration, delivery, and deployment systems with a focus on project gating and interrelated projects. The OpenStack foundation recognized Zuul as an independent, openly governed project in early 2019.  As opposed to previous generations of CI systems, Zuul does gating, which is that the patch is tested both pre-merge as well in the state it will be post-merge. This Read More >
  • Public Cloud vs Private Cloud – Cost Tipping Points
    A significant challenge for IT professionals is to determine the right placement of their dollars against Cloud Services provided by either Public Clouds or Private Clouds. To assist in understanding the the options and the driving forces for decisions, we have created a Key Services Map and this Cost and Scale Guide. As this analysis is quite complicated, please bear with the creation of this Public Cloud vs Read More >
  • Why Your Business Should Be Using a Private Cloud
    Moving to the Cloud can create a host of benefits for companies.  A good cloud strategy can improve flexibility, increase efficiency,  and boost performance. In addition, moving to the Cloud can allow an organization to grow its proficiencies in a way that can lead to growth and innovation. Not to mention the long-term reduction in IT costs. Are you considering moving your business to the Cloud? The benefits Read More >
  • InMotion Hosting and Supermicro Success Story. A small footprint, cost-efficient on-demand OpenStack Private Cloud.
    Supermicro recently published a success story describing how InMotion Hosting built an on-demand private cloud solution on Supermicro hardware. The high density and resulting cost efficiencies offered by Supermicro MicroBlade servers enabled the successful implementation of OpenStack as a Service concept for InMotion Hosting’s Flex Metal Cloud product. Traditionally OpenStack has been used to power enterprise infrastructure and requires a significant investment of time and resources to develop Read More >
  • On-Demand OpenStack – FMC Release V1.1
    Flex Metal Cloud Release V1.1 – Feb 15th, 2021 Our goal is to enable smaller teams to easily learn, run, and grow private cloud infrastructure. We are also big Open Source fans so we are focused on improving OpenStack for use by smaller teams. This can mean teams of 1 to teams of 100s. OpenStack, to architect, build, and run, is very hard. To also do so economically, Read More >
  • Detailed Private Cloud Pricing Background
    On-Demand Private Cloud Pricing A repeat of many previous posts: Here at InMotion we are reshaping OpenStack from the traditional large footprint deployment.  We believe that Open Source based private clouds are a critical counterpoint to the mega public clouds. The leading open source cloud management system is OpenStack. But, OpenStack is complex as is is both a very large software system and complex servers and networking under Read More >
  • AutoScaling the Cloud
    Managing Resources on a Server is Like a Game of Tetris It used to be simple, SysAdmins would manage resources on a server like a game of Tetris by closely monitoring and making sure service resource utilization would stay in balance with the hardware. Optimizations were mostly done at the application layer. Before we knew it, one server wasn’t enough and any downtime would be a bad time Read More >
  • Ceph Crimson – Performance Testing on NVMe
    We are closely following the Ceph advancements targeting NVMe performance. We use Ceph as the hosted private cloud core of our Infrastructure as a Service Product. Our concern is, as is many long time fans of Ceph, is how will Ceph adapt to NVMe performance when its history has long been rooted in spinning media. As an example, currently we use very high performance NVMes in almost all Read More >
  • Sizing a Hyper Converged OpenStack Private Cloud Control Plane
    This discusses sizing of a Flex Metal Cloud Core. A Flex Metal Cloud Core is a combination of OpenStack and Ceph hyper converged onto 3 servers. See our Flex Metal private cloud pages. You can also review much of our configurations on Github if you are not a customer yet. There are two major flavors of the hyper converged OpenStack private cloud core. The “Standard” and the “Small”. Read More >

OpenStack Basics

OpenStack is a collection of Services. Each service performs functionality that make up the whole of OpenStack. There are a set of “core” that are typically installed to provide the common functionality of a “Cloud”. In addition, there are over 30 other Services that can be added for your particular needs. Find out more with “What is OpenStack?” or you can also explore our Why OpenStack background or our How to Build a Private Cloud.

Core OpenStack Services

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