How to Integrate the Jitsi Mattermost Plugin

The Mattermost communication system has many plugins to integrate your conversations with other software to run your business remotely. Mattermost teams aiming for a free open source software (FOSS) focused workflow can run video conferences with Jitsi.

Jitsi is free to use via the web application or install on your own server for better privacy.

Below we’ll cover how to:

Create your own custom Jitsi Server with our Ubuntu Cloud Server Hosting.

Install the Jitsi Mattermost Plugin

  1. Install Jitsi from the Mattermost Plugin Marketplace.
  2. Select Configure.
  3. On the Jitsi configuration page, select Enable Plugin.
  4. Change the Jitsi Server URL to a custom Jitsi server or
  5. You may choose to Embed Jitsi video inside Mattermost. However, we recommend setting this as false until the feature is no longer experimental.
  6. Specify the naming convention for Jitsi Meeting Names.
  7. Configure the other options if your custom Jitsi server uses JSON Web Tokens (JWT).
  8. Save changes.
Jitsi Mattermost plugin settings

Create Jitsi Rooms in Mattermost

After you’ve installed the Jitsi plugin, you can create a new Jitsi meeting from any channel using your specified naming convention with the following command:


A message will display for users to enter the Jitsi meeting room in a new browser tab.

Jitsi Mattermost meeting

To create a Jitsi room with a more customized URL, add the text string after /jitsi:

/jitsi CustomTextHere

This will create a Jitsi room including your custom text, followed by your specified naming convention.

You can view more options for managing the Jitsi plugin settings with the help command:

/jitsi help

Read more about the plugin at

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