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In this article we’ll discuss how you can upgrade your server’s version of the Apache web server using the EasyApache script in WHM (Web Host Manager). This process would require having root access on your VPS or dedicated server, and it’s important to note this is a more advanced task that most users would never need to do.

If you happen to have read our article on how to pass PCI compliance scans, running an older version of Apache is a common way to fail one of those scans. So knowing how to upgrade Apache using EasyApache in WHM is good information to know if you’d like to be able to pass those PCI scans on your own.

Please note these instructions are for a very basic upgrade, and we won’t be touching on the more advanced options in this particular article. So you’ll see a lot of options available in the screen shots that we aren’t going to explain in-depth here.

  1. Log into WHM.
  2. In the Find box at the top-left, type in Easy, then click on EasyApache.

  3. Leave the Previously Saved Config (** DEFAULT **) option selected, and click on Start customizing based on profile.

  4. Select the Apache 2.2.23 option, then click Next Step.

  5. We are keeping the same PHP version since we’re just updating Apache, so on the PHP Version page simply click on Next Step again.
  6. Again we aren’t making any custom changes at this point, so on the Short Options List page, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Save and Build.
  7. Confirm Action window will pop-up asking if you’d like to Recompile Apache and PHP now? go ahead and click Yes.

  8. Next a Please ackowledge window will pop-up letting you know if the Apache build process is interrupted (you close your web-browser for instance), this could result in data loss. An Apache rebuild in some cases can take upwards of 45 minutes, so it’s important to make sure that you’ll have access to WHM for the entire duration. Once you understand these implications then click on I Understand.

  9. You should briefly see a build page that lists any errors if they were encountered, then after about 5 seconds it should automatically start the rebuild process and show you the status screen of this happening. The Apache rebuild can take upwards of 45 minutes so please be patient and be sure not to close your web-browser during the process.

  10. After the Apache rebuild is fully complete a Configure Suexec and PHP pop-up will display, since we’re just upgrading Apache in this article you can just click on Close.

Your server should now be running the updated version of Apache, and you should now understand how to upgrade Apache using EasyApache in WHM.

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