Blocking users in Drupal 8

Unfortunately, disciplinary action can be part of managing site members. Sites will at times attract people who are disruptive or do not follow the rules set forth by your site’s Terms of Service. In these cases it may be necessary to block a user account from having any further access to your site. Follow along with the guide below as we show you how.

How to block a member in Drupal 8

  1. Log into your administrative dashboard..
  2. Using the top menu bars, click on Menu and then People from the second menu bar.

  3. Click on Edit from dropdown

    You are taken to the People list where all users for your account are listed. Find the user you want to work with and select Edit.

  4. User settings page

    This next page is the user settings page for your selected user. Find the Status portion of the page and click on the BLocked radio button.

  5. After you click select the Blocked redio button, click on the Save

button at the bottom for it to take effect. You can now see the status of the user in the member list screen. Below is a before and after demonstrating the status change.

menu list before the change

menu list before the change

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