305: How to install and set up the Facebook Like module for Drupal 7

Many people want to leverage the power of social media to let people know about their site. Adding the code for the facebook like on every page can be tedious, not to mention the configuration of the size, position, etc. This article demonstrates how to install and configure the module in your Drupal 7 site. Read More >

How to force approval for comments in Drupal 7

Comments can be an important feature of your site. They help develop a community where visitors can respond to each other, or to the site owners themselves by asking question or leaving opinions. However, there are those out there that will use comment areas to spam or promote their own interests, or even simply insult Read More >

How to disable comment titles in Drupal 7

When working with comments, there are several settings you can use to customize the look and feel for your site. One of these is the comment title. Enabled by default, each comment has the ability to have an individual title. If no subject title is filled out it will default to the first 30 characters Read More >

Displaying the SQL query for a view when previewing in Drupal 7 Views

When working in the Views module, you may want to preview the SQL that is generated by the view. This is for the code savvy or the ones looking to be and would like to see the SQL generated for either debugging or further development of their views. Sometimes seeing the code can help understand Read More >