How to find your Drupal version number

Once you install the Drupal program onto your hosting account, you may forget which version you have installed over time. This information can be important as certain aspects of the program, modules, etc may be dependent on the version or even sub-version number. This article explains how to locate your Drupal version number quickly and easily from within the administration panel.

Locating your Version number in Drupal

  1. Log into your Drupal admin interface.
  2. Once inside the admin interface, look to the options on the top menu bar and click on Reports.
  3. click on the status report link

    Now that you are on the Reports page, locate and click on the Status report link.

  4. drupal version and other config settings

    After clicking on the Status report link, you will see a screen with various configuration settings. The topmost setting is labeled Drupal and has the version number to the right.

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