312: How to flush your error logs in Drupal 7

When working in Drupal 7, error messages collect in error logs. You may want to clear out, or flush, these logs from time to time. Follow the instructions below to learn how to flush your error logs in the Drupal admin interface.

Flushing error logs in Drupal 7

  1. Log into your Drupal 7 Admin panel.
  2. Once inside the admin area, locate the Reports menu option in the top menu bar and click it.
  3. click on recent log messages

    You are now on the Reports List screen. Find and click on the Recent Log Messages option.

  4. click clear log messages button

    From here you will see a couple of options for dealing with Error Logs, click on the Clear Log Messages link and the section will expand. You will a gray Clear Log Messages button. Click that to clear the error message log.

  5. success message

    You will be met with a success message once the error logs have been flushed.

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