How to find your Drupal version number

Once you install the Drupal program onto your hosting account, you may forget which version you have installed over time. This information can be important as certain aspects of the program, modules, etc may be dependent on the version or even sub-version number. This article explains how to locate your Drupal version number quickly and Read More >

311: Fixing the “An unrecoverable error occurred” error in Drupal

When installing a New Drupal installation or upgrading your Drupal you may experience the following error. “An unrecoverable error occurred. The uploaded file likely exceeded the maximum file size (32 MB) that this server supports.” What causes this error? There are several reasons this error may be thrown. There may be an issue with the Read More >

309: How to find your Drupal 7 database name

When you install Drupal 7 using the Softaculous installer tool, settings such as the database name are automatically generated for your installation. Although the database name is listed on the installation information page, most people do not keep track of it. Later on, when performing specific maintenance, troubleshooting, or needing to change something that the Read More >

310: Setting up a Google analytics module for Drupal 7

Tracking different statistics about your site and visitors can help you with improving your site. This data can help you determine popularity of different pages, whether certain campaigns are bringing in traffic, the best locations for your customers, and much more. Drupal has a module available for you to install and configure so you can Read More >