Importing software in Softaculous when Sync fails

When the servers using Fantastico were converted to Softaculous, the Fantastico installations did not show up in the new Softaculous program. You can import them into Softaculous using the Sync With Installers feature; however, if that feature does not show your software installations, you can use the individual import function in each software installer.


The image to the right shows what Softaculous shows when it cannot find any installations. To get the software to show up in Softaculous when the Sync With Installers feature fails, you can follow the below steps for each software installation.

Importing your old Fantastico installations

  1. Login into your cPanel.
  2. Go to Softaculous.
  3. text

    Select the type of program you installed with Fantastico. In this case we will import a WordPress site.

    Click import towards the top right.

  4. text

    Select the domain your fantastico installed WordPress was installed on. If you have it installed in a subfolder of the domain, you can enter the folder location in the In “Directory box“.

    Click import.

  5. install successful softaculous

    You should see a “Congratulations, the software was imported successfully” page.

    Click return to Overview.

    Import list current installations softaculous

    Now you will see your Fantastico installed WordPress in the list of “Current Installations“.

  6. For any other programs you installed through Fantastico, you can follow the same steps.

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