How to Correct Your Staging Site after a cPanel Merge

Understanding the Temporary URL Using the New Temporary URL Looking for a budget-minded, secure hosting service? Check out InMotion Hosting’s Business Hosting solutions! Understanding the Temporary URL cPanel accounts are typically created on an individual basis in Business shared accounts. VPS and Dedicated server accounts can include multiple cPanel accounts. Occasionally, there is a need Read More >

Setting Domain MX Records to Remote Settings in cPanel

MX records (short for mail exchanger records) are DNS (Domain Name System) resources that specify a server that will be handling your email for your domain. When working with the default settings, you will likely never need to adjust your MX records settings on your server. Some people have an external DNS manager that has Read More >

Resetting Your cPanel Password using AMP

If you’ve forgotten your cPanel password, you can reset it using your Account Management Panel (AMP). Please note: cPanel account passwords can only be changed through AMP for Shared Hosting accounts. If you have a VPS or Dedicated hosting account, please call / email / or chat with our Support Team for further assistance with Read More >

Changing File Permissions in cPanel

Each file and directory (folder) in your account has permissions which control who can read, write and execute that file. When files are created, default permissions are assigned. Most users won’t need to change permissions, but there are times when an update, installation, etc. will require a file permissions change. Viewing File Permissions File permissions Read More >

How Much Will You Pay For cPanel Licenses?

Pricing for hosting providers, and consumers that use cPanel, is changing in a significant way as cPanel introduces a new licensing structure. How will this affect you? Read on to find out. cPanel has changed its pricing structure InMotion Hosting pricing adjustments VPS Dedicated Resellers How to stay ahead of the changes In this article, Read More >

Engrampa Archive Manager for Linux

In this article we’ll cover Engrampa, the default archive manager for many Linux desktop distributions using the MATE desktop environment (DE). This fork of File Roller archive manager covers many file types including .zip, .7z, .rar, .tar, and Brotli ( Create an Archive Extract Files Do you prefer Debian-based server management? Get your own Cloud Read More >

How to Enable DNSSEC with Cloudflare

In this article, we cover how to implement domain name system security extensions (DNSSEC) with the Cloudflare content delivery network (CDN): Enable DNSSEC Verify DNSSEC is working DNSSEC provides an authentication layer by digitally signing a domain’s DNS records at the authoritative DNS server. With DNSSEC added to a domain, if the DNS cannot be Read More >