Installing MODx with Softaculous

The following article shows you how to setup the MODx content management system (CMS) using the Softaculous installation program. It includes how to find MODx, describes the settings, and completes the installation once you have entered the settings.

How to Install MODx using Softaculous in cPanel

  1. Login to the cPanel.
  2. Locate and click on the Softaculous icon in the Software/Services section of cPanel.
  3. When the Softaculous screen appears, go to the top right corner and click on the SEARCH field. Type in “MODx”.
  4. The next screen will be the MODx installation screen in Softaculous. Make sure to review the requirements for installation and the version. If the version that you’re seeing is good, and you have the available hard drive space, go to the top right and click on the blue button labeled INSTALL.
  5. You will then be required to fill in the information for installing. The screenshot below illustrates the screen that you will see. Below the image is the list of the settings and description of each.

    Settings screen for MODx installation

    Installation setting Description
    Choose Protocol If you are using a SSL certificate for your URL, then select HTTPS, otherwise use HTTP
    Choose Domain Domains that can be selected must be registered in the cPanel as either the primary domain, add-on domain, or subdomain.
    In Directory The directory is the location where the files will be installed. Leave the entry empty of you wish for the files to be installed to the root of the domain name. Otherwise, type in the name of the folder you wish to use. This folder cannot already exist in the folder as Softaculous will create the folder if an entry has been added.
    Database Name Name of the database that is created for you within the server. You can change the name, or use the default name created by the installation
    Site Name Name of the MODx site that you’re creating. This can be simply text describing the site
    Table Prefix Each table that is created the database will start with this prefix. You can use the default value “MODx_” or create your own prefix.
    Admin Username Name of the Administrator used for logging into the Administrator
    Admin Password Password used for the admin. Note that there is a password strength indicator that will let you know if the password you enter is good. Click on the key to have a password automatically generated for you.
    Admin email Email address of the administrator
    Advanced Options

    Click on the +(plus) sign to expand the advanced options.

    Disable Update Notifications – Softaculous will notify you when updates are available unless you disable it here.

    Automated backups -Softaculous has the ability to make automated backups of the installation using a CRON job.

    Backup Rotation – This is the number backups that will be made before it starts overwriting the files. For example, if you use the default value of “4”, then 4 backups will be made. On the 5th backup, the first file will be overwritten. This is done to preserve hard drive space.

    INSTALL button Click this button to start the Softaculous installation of MODx using the settings you have entered
    Email installation details to In order to get a copy of the installation settings that you have entered, click on the field and add your email address.
  6. MODx install completed screen

    After you have completed filling in each of the values listed above, click on the INSTALL button at the bottom of the screen, and Softaculous will perform the installation for you. When it is complete, you’ll see the listing of URLs for your MODx installation. There will be two URLs, one for your front-end, and the other for your administrator back-end. Make sure that you take note of these URLs, because you may not be able to determine the URL for your installation if you decided not to email yourself a copy of your installation settings.

MODx Manager screen

This completes the installation of MODx using Softaculous. You can close the Softaculous installation screen or open another tab to proceed. Your next step will be to login to the MODx manager screen. Use the the login URL for the MODx manager page that you noted from the last step above. It will look like “”, where you would replace “” with your domain name. The screenshot at right shows the administrator screen that you will see after completing the installation. For more information on using Softaculous for application installation, please go to Installing Programs Using Softaculous.

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