How to Install TomatoCart with Softaculous

View of the front-end of Tomato Cart

In this guide we will show you how to install TomatoCart using the Softaculous installer. TomatoCart is an open-source Shopping cart system that is designed to be compatible with all digital devices. This is important, since people are increasingly surfing the web with devices other than laptops, and PC’s. Here is a link to the Official TomatoCart site.

Installing TomatoCart

    1. Login to cPanel.
    2. Click the Softaculous button in the Software/Services section.
    3. Locate TomatoCart in Softaculous via the search tool. look for tomato cart cms in cPanel
    4. Click the Install button.
      TomatoCart CMS install button in softaculous

    5. You will then be on the Software Setup page. Fill in the fields as needed, and click the Install button when you are finished. Below is a brief description of the options:
      Choose ProtocolSelect how you want your web address to load, options are https://, https://www., https://, https://www. For the https options, you must use an SSL.
      Choose DomainClick the drop-down box, and choose from your Primary, or Addon domains.
      In DirectoryLeaving this blank will install TomatoCart directly on your domain, for instance:; If you enter a directory name, such as tomatocart, you would access the site on
      Database NameEnter a name for the database that will be created during the installation.
      Store NameGive your store a name; this can be changed at a later time.
      Store OwnerProvide a name for the Store Owner here.
      Table PrefixThe text you enter here will be added to the table names in the database, helping you identify them.
      Admin UsernameThe name you enter here will be used to login to the administration section of TomatoCart.
      Admin PasswordThe password you enter here will be used to log into the administration section of TomatoCart.
      Admin EmailThe email address you enter here will be contacted for things such as password reset requests, or update notifications.
      Advanced OptionsClicking the + symbol here will provide an option to Disable Update Notifications. Check the box if you do not want to receive update notifications.

      The installation will begin, it may take 3-4 minutes to complete. The process is complete when you see a message stating “Congratulations, the software was installed successfully.”
      Completed Tomato Cart install in Softaculous

Congratulations, now you know how to install TomatoCart using Softaculous in cPanel!

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