How to Restore a File From Backups in cPanel

cPanel’s recent update has included a new option for restoring files. Now you can restore any file from your local backup easily. In this article, we’ll show you can restore a file from backups in cPanel.

Make sure you have saved backups

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This process only works if you have already saved one or more backups locally using cPanel’s automatic backups. To check if you have the automatic backups feature enabled, log into WHM and search for Backup Configuration. From here, you can easily check to see if the process is active. If not, you can enable it from here and wait for your first backup to run.

How to restore a file from backups in cPanel

  1. Log into your cPanel
  2. Under Files choose File Restoration

  3. Select the file to be restored from the tree on the left

  4. Click Restore This Version for the version of the file you want to restore (you may have one or more)

You will now see the file has been restored to it’s original location. Well done! You now know how to restore a file from backups in the cPanel.

Thoughts on “How to Restore a File From Backups in cPanel

  • Hi. My website accidently crashed so I had to make backup restore. Accidently last backup date was month ago, so in the same time all of my new posts disappeared. Is there any way to bring them back with cPanel? I would be so happy for your respond.

    • If your site crashed and you’re trying to recover posts AFTER the crash, then you would need a copy of the crashed site data in order to attempt to recover it. Otherwise, you would not be able to recover the data added to your website after your backup. You can also send a ticket in to your host’s technical support team to see if they have has an emergency backup of your site that is newer than your current backup.

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