DNS and Nameserver Changes

Nameservers for Shared, VPS, & Dedicated Accounts (not Resellers) Nameservers for Resellers (Not Shared, VPS or Dedicated Accounts) Changing Nameservers at Other Registrars To get your domain working on your server with InMotion Hosting, you will need to point your domain to our server. You can point your domain Using a DNS change or you Read More >

How to Use the MultiPHP INI Editor in cPanel

cPanel’s MultiPHP INI Editor lets you make configuration changes to your PHP settings. This complements the MultiPHP Manager, which lets you change PHP version of your sites. The MultiPHP INI Editor has two modes, Basic and Editor. Basic Mode Basic Mode allows changes to some of the most common PHP configuration changes with the ease Read More >

How to Use the Code Editor in the cPanel File Manager

Editing code on your website is an inevitable event. If you have minor changes to make on your website that can be done simply, you can use the code editor in the cPanel File Manager to change the code. This is called “Editing on the fly“, which is changing the files of the source website Read More >

How to use Fantastico de Luxe

Fantastico, a feature in cPanel that helps you easily install programs to your account, is no longer available. As of September 17th, 2012, Fantastico has been replaced by Softaculous. This article is being kept in our Support Center for our VPS and Dedicated Customers who may still be using Fantastico. For all other users, please Read More >

How to Correct Your Staging Site after a cPanel Merge

Understanding the Temporary URL Using the New Temporary URL Looking for a budget-minded, secure hosting service? Check out InMotion Hosting’s Business Hosting solutions! Understanding the Temporary URL cPanel accounts are typically created on an individual basis in Business shared accounts. VPS and Dedicated server accounts can include multiple cPanel accounts. Occasionally, there is a need Read More >