Installing the Simple Security WordPress plugin.

You can secure your WordPress logins with the Simple Security plugin. This article will explain how to install the WordPress with the Simple Security plugin.

Installing the Simple Security Plugin

  1. Log into the WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Go to the plugins and click Add new. Type security in the Search.
  3. Simple Security Pliugion WordPress Install

    Find the Simple Security plugin and click Install Now.

  4. Activate Simple Security Pliugion WordPress

    When the install is done click Activate plugin.

  5. link in navigation to Simple Security Pliugion WordPress

    Go to Settings and click Simple Security. THis will take you to the Simple Security dashboard in WordPress.

  6. Basic Settings for Simple Security Pliugion WordPress

    You can view the Basic settings and configure the plugin to Block IP addresses, create access logs, track logins, and set Denial Messages.

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