Introduction to the BoldGrid Backup Plugin

One of most useful utilities provided by BoldGrid is the BoldGrid Backup plugin. The plugin allows you to make scheduled or unscheduled backups of your WordPress site. You can also use the plugin to securely move and restore your WordPress site with ease. BoldGrid Backup is a plugin made to work with the BoldGrid suite Read More >

BoldGrid FAQ

The BoldGrid Backup plugin lets you backup your WordPress site and schedule automatic backups. The questions below represent common backup questions that are answered with the use of the features in the BoldGrid Backup plugin. This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) includes instructions on the use of features found within the free BoldGrid Backup plugin. For Read More >

How to Get Started with BoldGrid Using a Host File Modification

In This Tutorial: Prepare WordPress Hosts File Mod Install WordPress Install BoldGrid Initialize BoldGrid A hosts file modification is a convenient way to manipulate your computer to force your domain to resolve to a particular IP address. For instance, if you are hosting your website with a third party and plan on building a BoldGrid Read More >

How to Remove a Website Published Using the Premium Website Builder

Since the Premium Website Builder (PWB) has reached its end-of-life (EOL), you will no longer be able to publish changes to your website. As an alternative, we recommend creating a new website using BoldGrid. In this article, you can learn how to remove the PWB files and delete your website. WARNING: Deleting the PWB website Read More >

Free Templates Built by BoldGrid for WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting by InMotion Hosting integrated with BoldGrid can help you to quickly create a beautiful website using Inspirations. An Inspiration is a combination of pre-defined content and design related to a specific category. Since these themes (designs) come “fully loaded” with content (based on selected category), they provide a structure (combined with BoldGrid’s intuitive Read More >

Fixing BoldGrid Backup Email Notification Problems

The BoldGrid Backup plugin works with email notifications that work either with phpMail with no authentication or using an SMTP mail plugin using authentication. Due to heightened security practices, the phpMail option is often blocked. So, if you are using the BoldGrid Backup plugin, it is recommended that you use SMTP authentication to make sure Read More >

How to Create Drop-down Menus Using BoldGrid

In This Tutorial: Simple Mobile Friendly Nested Creating Menus can help to organize and efficiently present website content, making it easier for your visitors to enjoy. A menu is simply a compilation of items (like links, pages, blog posts, etc.). Using BoldGrid you can customize your menus by adding the various items you want to Read More >

Introduction to WPForms Lite for BoldGrid

Seasoned users may remember using Ninja forms to build dynamic contact forms for their BoldGrid site. This has changed. In this article, we’ll introduce you to WPForms Lite and how you can use it to create dynamic contact forms easily. WPForms Lite allows you to create submission forms, payment forms, and virtually any kind of Read More >

Installing The Events Calendar Plugin in BoldGrid

The Events Calendar plugin lets you easily integrate a custom calendar system into your site. This is helpful when sharing public event dates and information. In this tutorial we will show you how to install the Events Calendar plugin in BoldGrid. This will allow you to add a custom events calendar to your BoldGrid website. Read More >