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defnith asks: I believe my ip is blocked from I can't login to manage my account. I can browse this page usi...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-11-15 04:31 pm EST
arthurlsi asks: Hello, We are planning to migrate our current VPS to an Essential Dedicated Server but before I would like to know if that migration can be done by I...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-11-14 11:25 am EST
oxygen12345 asks: Is there a way to have incoming HTTPS requests to be redirected to HTTP? I am trying to host a website here that is currently hosted elsewhere. Th...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-11-13 05:01 pm EST
diana123 asks: Hello, I am working on a new site while the old one is still live and would like to know if there is a guide for dummies to move the new site to repl...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-11-13 02:39 pm EST
olegbabich asks: Hello, I see such a message in my CPanel: You are using your maximum allotment (2) of MariaDB/MySQL databases. If you want more, contact your servi...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-11-12 10:14 am EST
srcek asks: On my Wordpress site I cannot get Google Analytics or Google API Key to work. Analytics code is visible in source code when visiting the page. Tried i...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-11-11 01:35 pm EST
lvreefkpr asks: I have a client that I paid to have an SSL certificate installed on the host server. They did nothing with the website and now want me to create anoth...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-11-10 01:45 pm EST
JMESeguros asks: Hi, i have a problem with my domain ( I Installed WordPress using Softacoluos, but when i´m trying to access, i can't...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-11-10 09:47 am EST
stacyTsai asks: Hi there, I have a main domain and already installed Wordpress. Can I add another website to install Joomla as a testing website? And I don't wa...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-11-10 12:20 am EST
livingadream asks: Data is being returned from the API as I can see it in the debug log but nothing is visible in the estimated shipping section of the cart except the &...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-11-09 05:08 pm EST
christylane asks: Need to find out why in motion servers can not send to any msn email properties. They all bounce back with the following message: Status: 5.0.0 Remo...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-11-08 11:48 am EST
simondcoll asks: Hi there, I signed up to the Launch plan with my Wordpress site ( a few days ago, and after carrying out a few speed tests I'...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-11-08 10:16 am EST
jandsc7 asks: I have multiple add-on domains contained in the full backup. I open the backup tar.gz file locally and unpack the associated domain files & sql...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-11-07 09:51 am EST
salim12146bmakine asks: Hi, You online documentation confused me a bit because of the several answers with different scripts. Would you please clarify if your script: Rewr...
0 Answers
Asked 2017-11-06 11:51 am EST
10_ray asks: I would like to ask how to share my address book to other email users in my domain? and secondly, is it possible that address books in outlook and hor...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-11-06 08:18 am EST
ascentnepal asks: I have Laravel 5.5 hosted in Inmotion and am trying to use the composer update/composer require command via SSH. When I run any of these command, I g...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-11-06 03:31 am EST
stacyTsai asks: I already updated my wp-config.php. I can access my wordpress blog via the temp url, however when I click the post, I got the 404 error. Please let ...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-11-05 10:57 pm EST
inmoFan asks: I am setting up filters on one of my email addresses, so that when it receives an email including a specific string, the filter pipes it to the progra...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-11-01 08:16 pm EST
ryanwpatterson asks: I have domain privacy turned on but when I run a WHOIS lookup my name is still listed. I tried to change this but it is not showing up publicly. Ple...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-11-01 04:10 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: I just registered my account with your website using the standard registration form (not social website). I tried signing in at AMP log in, but does ...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-10-31 03:07 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: In Custom Fields, I have Nicotine Levels of 0 mg., 3 mg. 6 mg. I set it up as a string. In front end drop-down box, each level is shownm, but with &...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-10-30 08:35 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: I'd like to replace the default gif picture with my own. With Live edit in Theme Configuratior, I was able to remove the picture that ProstaShop ...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-10-27 02:43 pm EST
abcprint asks: I have a client who sent me this: "ACTION Required: Your SPF records are not configured for proper mail flow" and asked me to take care of i...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-10-27 09:02 am EST
iaratnesteruk asks: I tried to reset my wordpress theme from default with "update wp_options set option_value = 'default' where option_name = 'templ...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-10-26 07:06 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: Hi, we currently have our email servers with inmotion for our ********.com domain. I want to move this to O365, what do I need to do? Thanks Tom
1 Answer
Asked 2017-10-26 07:18 am EST
pmoon1010 asks: After installing SSL on my shared Pro plan, I got the following messages when accessing the site via NET::ERR_CERT...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-10-25 11:36 pm EST asks: Hi, longtime customer here - lately sending mail by smtp through the secure200 server has been pretty slow, taking sometimes almost a minute to sen...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-10-24 08:15 pm EST
vcudnik asks: I see the notice about the Oct 20th discovery of a configuration conflict. How do we tell if that's what is causing our down time. Our site has b...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-10-24 09:12 am EST
InMotionFans asks: My page: has been useless for years, benefitting only imagehosting. I need to be able to edit the content. I want CLEAR info ...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-10-23 01:09 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: Hi Instead of the static background image, I would like to have a slideshow. I am using BoldGrid with the Wedge Theme. Please let me know the steps ...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-10-21 08:54 pm EST

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