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Moving your Wordpress from a subfolder to subfolder

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2013-09-22 10:15 am EST

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329: Moving your Wordpress from a subfolder to the root directory. could you please give insert the text in this article and/or send me moving from subfolder to subfolder? i'm on Pro Plan (moving to VPS in weeks) so
i have 24 add on domains. they're all running fine but i'm not a tech person. i'm confused on how is my root? and all other addon domains are not root and which actual path i substitute in in article 329. i have to move (and existing WP site) to a new/just added addon domain

it would be most helpful if you/inmotion also could include any tips on SEO since the production site ( is indexed by SEO. google has a video with tips but inmotion might has additions tailored to just inmotion?

thank you!

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i posted the question in Cpanel too. because Softaculous installs any CMS not just WP. but i think there should be instructions dedicated to WP since it's so wildly used.
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2013-09-24 01:57 am EST



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2013-09-23 8:06 am EST
Moving your Wordpress site to another directory will be the exact same process. You will just place it in the directory for that domain instead of the public_html directory. All other steps will be exactly the same.

Regarding SEO advice, your best place to find that will be the same article that you were taking a look at. The steps to take will be the same. Regarding creating the redirects, you will find more information on how to create a redirect at the following:

Setting up a Redirect for a Domain in your cPanel

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hi jeff, i've just noticed SOFTACULOUS has finally released their CLONE FUNCTION. will Softaculous Clone function do "EXACTLY" the same as this Article 329? i was just on the phone with IMH tech and we are NOT sure what is entered in the Clone Installation>"In Directory". i thought to leave is blank because Clone would use the name you entered in previous step "Choose Domain" and use the above domain name as the directory name. the tech said he thought i should use "public_html/". this scares me because a few days ago several IMH techs said DO NOT use public_html in path you could wipe out your account (but they were referring to article 329). HELP!!!
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2013-09-23 3:45 pm EST
Using the clone function will indeed copy the installation to the location that you want it in. To do so, just select the domain that you want the installation to be for, and leave the "In Directory" field blank. So, if you have a Wordpress installation on, and you want to copy it to, click Clone on that installation. In the domain field, you will select and "In Directory" will stay blank unless you want it to be something like We also have an article on the clone function which can be found at the following:

How to clone your site with Softaculous
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2013-09-24 7:47 am EST
i did the Clone from add-on domain to add-on domain and it didn't completely work. you can see at this image
Header image lost, theme color lost, and Clone displays the actual WP Pages in the default hierarchy and NOT in the Apperance>Menu where i created the menu. but a browsing, i think the URLs might be correctl (you guys should tell me if NOT to post the same text in more than one Support Category cause i am. Clone function is used for all CMS...)
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2013-09-25 10:10 pm EST
It looks like it had trouble copying over your theme information. Try grabbing your theme files from the old site and overwriting the ones on your new site. The theme files should be located within your wp-content folder.
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2013-09-26 8:36 am EST
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