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how can i view submitted support tickets?

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2014-08-02 12:43 am EST

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I have submitted some support tickets, 2 days ago and i need to check if i had any replies, but i cannot find where i can view already submitted tickets in my amp panel.
Any help will be great.

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Please set up a log for tickets. We need what would have been valuable information regarding how we initially setup our website and with no record available we can't find the old ticket with all the information.
It looks like it's been over 2 years since this has been requested, is a feature for many other hosting services - please set it up!
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2017-01-10 09:17 pm EST
I have the same issue. How do we know they even read them if they aren't posted! I'm not getting any replies from submitted tickets.
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2017-02-24 01:48 pm EST



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2014-08-02 3:45 am EST
Hello progre,

You can check on the status of tickets by either starting a live chat with our support department, or giving us a call at 888-321-HOST (4678).

Please let us know if you had any other questions at all.

- Jacob

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Where is the web interface? How do we view the ticket without calling or chatting?
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2015-10-12 5:27 pm EST
I am pretty sure that there is now a web interface where it is possible to view support tickets. This post ranks high in search engines so an answer here would benefit you...
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2015-10-13 7:13 am EST

Emeliech is correct at this point in time. We are working to include tickets in the AMP system but it is not complete at this time. I do apologize for the inconvenience. If you need to check the status of your ticket please feel free to either call or chat with our support department.

Best Regards,
TJ Edens
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2015-10-13 11:20 am EST
I'm sorry, but this is really bad. It creates problems for us both.

You don't want me calling or chatting just to check on the status. Who does that help? And it's awkward and time consuming on my end to. Why not just let users check to confirm that their ticket did in fact go through and the status of it? Just sitting and wondering is never good. Also, sometimes I might have some useful information to add to the ticket, but your site says if I do that, by calling (the only way), you'll throw my ticket back to the end of the queue.

As a new user of your hosting service, it's a lot of "little things" like this that give me pause.
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2016-01-02 9:59 pm EST
Why can you not view a support ticket? I have had a ticket that was "awaiting my response" that I had responded to 3 days ago and was told that the system that alerts support of ticket responses was broken. I just signed up for 12 months of VPS hosting and this gives me no confidence in staying with InMotion. I have been waiting for over a week for a "Priority Website Transfer". This is not acceptable.
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2016-01-19 3:46 pm EST
I just received a response to my question above, in which I was referred back to this same page for the "answer". It seems that the message is not getting through to you that this is unacceptable?
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2016-01-19 10:09 pm EST
I do agree that it is bothering that there is no real ticket system working for us clients. A joke really.
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2016-01-20 6:00 am EST
I also have an issue with this..... the OP was in August 2014... it is now Jan 2016..... Hello?????
And there was another post on the same subject going back to 2012!!!!

I love IMH, but really folks.... this isn't good.
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2016-01-29 11:27 am EST
It took 40 minutes for my call to be answered today, just to get status on my tickets. I appreciate that there might be occasional long wait times, but this is precisely why you should have a way to check the tickets ourselves. Crazy that this is not in place.
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2017-01-31 9:33 pm EST

Tim S
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2016-01-20 8:07 am EST
So currently there's not a system in place to view your open tickets in AMP. We're working on a solution and when we have more information we'll make it available. Any replies to tickets will be sent to the email the ticket was generated on.

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Working on it for how long already? This threat was started in October, at which time your answer was "We are working to include AMP tickets but it is not complete at this time."

There are affordable, well designed plug in software solutions in abundance. You don't have to create something from scratch. There are even well made open source solutions out there.

This seems to be more of an issue with accountability than a shortage of available solutions.
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2016-01-20 6:33 pm EST
Hello kevin95630,

Unfortunately our AMP software is completely custom code so we would have to create a solution from scratch. I apologize that the feature has not been implemented already. However please keep in mind that we do immense testing on everything before we release it to make sure it works completely.

Best Regards,
TJ Edens
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2016-01-29 11:40 am EST
My Web site is also custom coded. You don't have to create a solution from scratch just because you have a custom coded site. Most commercial sites are! Both the commercial and open source solutions can be plugged seamlessly into your custom coded site.

If your programmers are telling you this, I suspect they just want to create work for themselves. Because with an open source or commercial solution, one coder would be able to easily have the system set up in less than one work day. Take a look at Kayako or any of the free open source solutions, you can have a proper ticket system by this time tomorrow if you want it.
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2016-02-02 10:56 pm EST
1 year later, and still no solution? And more than 4 years after the original post? Seriously?
Still "working on it"?
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2017-01-31 9:30 pm EST

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2017-02-01 4:54 pm EST
Hello DavidEM,

Sorry for your long wait on simply getting a ticket status. Yes, the system for providing a status on tickets is still a work in progress. At present any ticket issue is addressed through email. If you look at the last reply to a ticket, that would be the current status of the ticket. Any update to the status would be sent through a reply to that email. We do understand the dissatisfaction with this system. If you wish to express your disappointment, then it's best by sending feedback to our managers:

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Arnel C.

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Yeah, uhm, this is not an answer. You have been promising a proper support ticket system for over a year. The excuse has been that your system is custom built. But you must have forgotten that you are dealing with people with above average levels of sophistication regarding IT. You can plug a very good commercial support script or even an open source CRM into a custom built site very easily, within 24 hours you could have it up and running. It would be even easier with a custom built site!

If you're simply refusing your customers' requests for a proper support ticket system because you don't want to do it, then say so. But you said over a year ago that it was coming soon and already being worked on. It can't take a year to implement something so simple. I'm not a full time professional and I could have it up and running by this time tomorrow.
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2017-02-03 12:49 am EST
I suggest that you instead have your managers read this support thread directly, instead.

I was unable to receive the response emails because somehow "" URLs became blacklisted at the RBL, so they were in quarantine, where they had been passing through only a few days prior.

The lack of willingness to implement a solution for FOUR YEARS does not inspire confidence in the service.
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2017-02-03 6:10 am EST
Hi, I'm a manager here at InMotion Hosting. Yes, we plan on implementing a ticketing system that will allow a more transparent experience for the customer. However, it's much more than implementing a CRM system and integrating it to a website. While we do have plans to roll such a system out, I do not have a date in which this will be available to customers. I wish I had more information to provide. Thanks for your patience.
Tim S
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2017-02-03 7:57 am EST

2017-09-03 7:20 am EST
Three years since this post and still there is no support ticket system. Now I'm waiting for a response to a support ticket and realise it may never come and I have no way of knowing if it even got seen by someone. If I had known this earlier, I wouldn't have moved my website to InMotion.

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