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Links are loading without thumbnail images in Facebook

2013-04-08 9:23 am EST

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Hi Everyone,

Links from our website is loading without thumbnail images in Facebook. I did use FB lint tool to debug the issue and is giving an error stating that the image is not found.

Here are some links which you can post in FB wall and see that the thumbnail images are not loading with link:


Vineeth M K

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There are other links in website which is loaded without any issue. Facebook tool is stating that they are not able to fetch data of the image
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2013-04-08 09:24 am EST



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2013-04-08 9:37 am EST
<p>Thank you for your question vineeth!</p><p>Sorry for the trouble with the connection with your images from Facebook. Its difficult to say why one image would load and another image would not with what was given. Do you have <a href="" target="_blank">Hotlink protection on</a>? </p><p>We do see in your notes that you have mod_security errors. Its possible you may have <a href="" target="_blank">mod_security</a> flagging your images as malicious.</p><p>Also, recently Facebook is requiring connections from Facebook to be an SSL connection. You will need to use the following.</p><p></p><p></p><p>The problem with that is your Server does not have an <a href="">SSL certificate</a>. VPS and Dedicated servers do not have an SSL installed on them unless you install one. Shared servers can use the <a href="">Shared SSL</a>. If you need an SSL certificate installed you can <a href="">request an SSL in your AMP panel</a>.</p><p>In order for us to be able to diagnose this, we will need the steps to replicate the problem. Please <a href="" target="_blank">contact support</a> and see if they can look at your Facebook links and have our higher support to check your logs on your VPS.</p><p>Best Regards,<br />James R</p>

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Thank you James for your quick reply appreciated. The domain was hosted in Hostgator dedicated server. We thought it was an issue of that server, because we are getting http bad request from them. So we moved to Inmotion hosting in which we had an account before.

I have lot of other websites in which we did not install SSL certificate and the page loads without any issue. Are you sure that, that buying an SSL will solve the issue?

In my opinion there are lot of websites which don't user SSL in thier hosting and they don't have this weird issue. Also, sometimes we even get an error from FB that URL is not reachable.

We did check the app settings and is correct as per the guidelines. Our Facebook promotion has stopped due to this weird issue. Looks like we need to check our website by moving the files to a shared server and see, if it works or not. I have servers from three companies, Hostgator, Inmotion and iweb
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2013-04-08 10:56 am EST
If you say it works without the SSL then maybe there is something wrong elsewhere. Can you <a href="">contact support</a> with the specific information to replicate the problem. Unfortunately this is a public forum and your private information will be online here. If you contact tech support, they can try and look into the problem deeper. Sorry for the trouble.
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2013-04-08 11:19 am EST
The tech guys told me to post a question on this. They keep shuffling me
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2013-04-08 11:25 am EST
Sorry for the back and forth on this. If you are using a Facebook app then you do not need the SSL If some of your images load then Hotlink protection is not the cause. I see mod_security was mentioned in your notes. If mod_security flags the image it can cause the image to not load. You apache error logs show many file not found errors.

Unfortunately, this is a public forum and we cannot put any personal information about your account in the answers. Our higher level of support will need to look at your VPS to see why those images are not showing. They need to replicate the error with login credentials where you are posting the comment so they can view the logs and check the code. Sorry for this.

James R
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2013-04-08 12:39 pm EST
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