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Cart summary missing css in PrestaShop

Category: Prestashop 15

2013-09-23 1:19 pm EST

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My Shopping cart summary page looks like HTML, no Design, just text and button. Not very attractive, if I Checkout with Paypal (without going in my cart first) it is ok, (nice page) but when I go in my cart, it look like it's not linked to CMS. (I am not sure what that means... someone told me it could be that)

Can I send a picture?


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I deactivated Ajax, there was a little Window (bubble type) appearing at top right of my page, very difficult to access, it was closing every time I took the cursor away from "my cart". I didn't seem to need it anyway.
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2013-09-23 01:22 pm EST
Maybe you can access that link?
Let me know.
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2013-09-23 01:23 pm EST
I meant CMS, not CSS
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2013-09-23 04:31 pm EST
Hi Brodeurd!

I am facing the same problem now with the one page checkout. after login when i check the cart, it shows the html part of the cart section only, no css no header/footer nothing.

I checked your site and it seems you have configured the problem.

I would request you to share it with me and others, how to get over this problem.

Thanks :)
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2014-04-20 04:50 am EST



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2013-09-23 2:29 pm EST
Hello Brodeurd,

Thank you for your question. I was able top replicate the problem, and it is due to a 500 error related to:

Most likely the order-opc.tpl file is missing, I recommend trying to copy this file from the default theme to the one you are now using.

Since your website is not hosted on our servers, I am unable to provide the specific location of this file, but if your host uses cPanel you can search within the File Manager.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.
Thank you,


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Thank you so much... I did not try yet, because I can't access my cPanel (!?!) I am trying to get in touch with my server's people... and I might end up looking for another server co., they are really annoying me now... Are you a good company ;) (well, you were faster to answer my question then any request I had with them, it's a good sign). I don't even know if my account is still live with them, because they don't answer me... ever! I would gladly change with you guys, if it could be easily done in a short time. I need to publish my new site before the week end. Thanks
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2013-09-23 4:06 pm EST
Ok I tried it, I found the file, and I copied it into my Shop cPanel. (I just changed the name of the old one, I did not want to mess everything up). It didn't change anything, when I click on my cart, the same ugly page is showing up. Do I have to close the browser? Reboot? Is there something I am missing? I am not very advanced with all this, so if you could tell me step by step that would be great. Thanks
Thank you
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2013-09-23 5:47 pm EST
Hello Brodeurd,

As we can't see the files of your account, it's a little tough to see what's going on, but it does appear that you have either customized the theme or you're using a plugin. Typically, a default theme will have the following checkout cart summary appearance: Testshop checkout screen.

What have you done to modify the template (if anything)? Have you tried changing the order process type? This might help pinpoint what's missing. Also, you're using an older version - they're up to 1.5.5. You might want to consider updating. You might also consider stating your problem in the forum. I'm frequently in there myself looking at problems. There are many more experts there would also be willing to help.

I'm sorry we can't provide an immediate fix! Please provide us a little more information and we can investigate the issue further.

Kindest regards,
Arnel C.
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2013-09-23 6:44 pm EST
I choose one page checkout, no plugin, I would really like to have thay cart summary appearance. What should I do, the standard 5 steps checkout wasn't working properly. Should I try it again? And why is the One page checkout does that, because it works, it just wont show me the right formatting page. Can I send you an image, would that help?
If I upgate to the newst version of Prestashop, will it undo everything I've done or mess it up? I can't afford to redo everything (if I have a choice) thank you, Danielle
The forum wont let me post (and I create an account!?)
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2013-09-24 9:00 am EST
I am trying to put back the 5steps checkout. Eveything is fine untill after the shipping page. When I click next I have a 500 Internal error. Any idea?
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2013-09-24 9:09 am EST
Hi Danielle,

I'm sorry for the continuing headaches. It really appears like you're either missing files or something's going on with the file permissions of your install. It's also possible that the initial installation of your PrestaShop store may have been flawed to start. If you want to try the upgrade, I would recommend that you simply do a complete website backup. After you do the backup, then run the upgrade and see if it doesn't fix the issues for you. If it's not to your liking then you can simply restore your old install.

Regarding the PrestaShop forums - you would need to create an account in order to post the issue. Sorry again for the problems with your installation - hope our suggestions help to resolve the matter.

Arnel C.
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2013-09-24 4:23 pm EST
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