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How do you add new products using the Product Import extension?

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2013-05-21 12:43 pm EST

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I successfully installed the product importer, and was able to get an export that included my 5 test products.

I added a single product to the spreadsheet, as well as its options. I tried several methods, including copying the exact data from the row above, as well as uploading with/without assigned product_id (and other opencart-generated data).

No matter what I upload, I get the "Uploaded file is not a valid spreadsheet file or its values are not in the expected formats!" error. I uploaded the original, unaltered copy of the export sheet, and it imported successfully. I have verified the Excel version (xlsx) also.

At this point, I am led to believe that new products can't be added; you can only modify what's been exported. Is this correct, or am I doing something wrong?

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2013-05-21 1:55 pm EST
Hello Naught,

I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems with the import. Typically, if you're adding things to the spreadsheet, then it is possible that properties of the table elements may have changed. The best thing that you might want to try is to use a CSV format instead of the Excel format. The data type in each column of your table should match when you are trying to import it back into the database, or you would continue to see the error.

For reference purposes, our articles include the information for re-installing the Bulk Export/Import extension in Opencart and also using the export/import extension.

If you have already reviewed these articles, then please provide us a copy of the table that you're trying to import. Without seeing the actual table that you are trying to add, it is difficult for us to determine the actual cause. If you want to send the sample data for us to review, you can email it to - please make sure to put SUPPORT CENTER in the title so that I can find it and then use it for testing here.


Arnel C.

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Product import supports CSV? That would make things easier, since all my products are exported from a database anyway.

What about the fields that OpenCart generates, like product_id. Can I assign my own product_id numbers, or should I leave those blank when I add new rows to an import?

If you have any links to instructions for using CSV and Product Import, that would help.
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2013-05-21 1:58 pm EST
Hello Naught,

I will review the documentation on the IMPORT and update it today. As per one of your comments (on the Using the Bulk Export/Import Extension in Opencart), I explained that the data in the fields need to match the database otherwise it won't work. A very common issue is the product ID - as you state, you may be using a particular product ID, but if the format for that ID is not what OpenCart requires then the import will fail. In this case, it needs to be purely a numerical value.


Arnel C.
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2013-05-21 2:22 pm EST
Hi Arnel,

Thank you for your prompt response. I found the problem: the importer uses the field, "name" for the categories and product names. "Name" is a reserved word in many database applications. My DB was writing "product_name" to the spreadsheet export. Once I changed this back to "name" I was able to successfully add a new product!

FYI, for anyone reading this, you can arbitrarily add your own product_id, just use something out of the range of what OpenCart's already assigned for any categories or products. For example, number all your product_ids sequentially, starting at 1001.
Thanks again for your help. You guys are great.
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2013-05-21 2:38 pm EST
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