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Follow-up for Jacob

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2013-01-13 10:31 am EST

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Thanks buddy,

Below is your last response. Here are the answers.

1. Installation of "Featured" Module went well, no problems at all.

2. The eight products in the dog bed category were not in the "Latest" Module. Only dog toys were currently on the list.

3.No, the missing items do not appear when I start to type them into the module.

One of the reasons I went with InMotion was the assurance I received that you folks back-up the sites. When I asked tech support yesterday to send me the products line in a folder so that I could cut and paste, I was told that they can't do that. Huh?? Just send me my list of products...that's all.

You said to back-up just My-SQL. Not sure how to do that.

Guys, this is serious. I will be making changes all the time.


Hello simonbk, and thanks for the question.

It sounds like this would be a personal preference on how you would like to present your products to your visitors. If you always want them to just see what the latest products being added are, then it sounds like the Latest module would be the way to go.

If you instead wanted to select what products you're always showing them, regardless of the age of when the product was added, then the Featured module sounds like the one to go with.

In order to set or remove a featured product you could follow these steps:

1.Hover over Extensions at the top, then click on Modules.

2.Beside Featured click on [Edit] on the right.

3.In the Products field, start typing in your product name, then from the drop-down select another product you'd like to feature.

4.To remove a product as a featured product, simply click on the - (Minus) symbol to the right of the product.

Hope that helps!

- Jacob

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2013-01-13 12:03 pm EST
Hello simonbk, and thank you for your question.

I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but you can simply comment on your previous questions to add to them, instead of having to start a completely new question and pasting the previous responses into it.

In your previous question about loss of data, I provided links on how to export and import your MySQL database prior to making changes in OpenCart with phpMyAdmin so that you can revert them if need be. This would be how you'd backup your MySQL database.

We do have daily backups that run on the servers every 24-36 hours, but if you're making a bunch of database changes, there could be the likely hood that our backup don't contain the exact information that you need, as it could have been overwritten already by another database change that you made depending on when the backup was made.

We can simply restore your database to what we have in backups, but if you added additional content since when that backup was made, then the old database backup would overwrite that and you would lose the new data.

Also for an application like OpenCart, unfortunately the products aren't simply a list that we'd easily be able to provide you with. We could restore the full database that we have in the backups, and then you can try to go through that data to attempt to extract what you need, but it could get pretty complicated since OpenCart seems to have around 10 or so tables that are affected for each product added.

What I've gone ahead and done for you is restored your MySQL database from our backups to a new database called _heart2 and the same database user has permissions to it. So using phpMyadmin in your cPanel, you can navigate through the two databases separately to at least try see what had been typed in for your missing products and then manually go back and add it through OpenCart again.

It would be much easier if you provided the exact procedure you used when the products went missing, and if possible the name of the products, as then you could use the Search tab in phpMyAdmin to locate the tables where that product was mentioned in the restored database.

I installed my own copy of OpenCart, and then created a product called TEST. When I searched in phpMyAdmin for it, the following tables had info for it:

  • oc_attribute_description

  • oc_category_description

  • oc_customer_group_description

  • oc_extension

  • oc_product

  • oc_product_description

  • oc_product_option

  • oc_setting

  • oc_url_alias

  • oc_user_group

I setup the Latest module to display on my home page, and sure enough I saw my TEST item there as the latest one.

Then I went to my OpenCart admin, went to Extensions > Modules and beside the Latest module I clicked on [Uninstall]. I then clicked on [Edit] beside the Featured module, typed in TEST in the Products (autocomplete) box, and it found it without any issues so I clicked on it to add it to my list of featured products.

Still on the Featured module page, I clicked on (Add Module) at the bottom of the page. From the Layout drop-down I selected Home, and then clicked on (Save) at the top right.

When I reloaded my store again, sure enough the TEST item was showing on the home page, and since it was the only featured product that I added, it was there all by itself.

So as I had mentioned before, it doesn't quite make sense that simply uninstalling the Latest module would physically remove any products from the database itself, and I've now confirmed that this alone is not the case. Were you possibly doing some other actions as well that could have led to your products being deleted?

- Jacob

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