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2 versions with Concrete5 update

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2014-05-02 3:23 pm EST

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In early March I began to create our website using Concrete 5. Several weeks later I installed the update. For some reason installing the update gave me a second installation which I then began working on. Tuesday, upon finishing my work I created a backup/restore and checked it to make sure all the changes were there - they were. I then decided that it made no sense to have two versions of the website so I uninstalled the first. When the warning came that I would be deleting the data base I assumed that would be ok since I had made the backup. It was not :-(. So, now that I have to recreate the entire website, I want to make sure that this does not happen again. My main question is...why was a second installation created when I installed the upgrade and why was it attached to the original installation instead of connecting to the data base itself? Would love to be enlightened, thanks.

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2014-05-02 3:58 pm EST
Hello, thanks for your question and sorry for the issues.

I see on your account that the current Concrete5 version is installed in Softaculous. It states the installation date as (March 25th, 2014), so just so we're on the same page here, was this the original install you did of Concrete5 and then you upgraded using Softaculous itself, or using the Concrete5 dashboard?

Or did you install a copy of Concrete5 using softaculous, and then instead of updating it from the dashboard or Softaculous, you just installed the latest version on top of the current install? I'm not sure why you would have ended up with 2 separate Concrete5 sites if you were just upgrading it.

I also noticed when going into your Softaculous installer it states:

Hmm ... it looks like the actual version of the installation is and not

If you can please explain to us how you went about attempting to upgrade Concrete5 we might be able to figure out why these issues happened. You said you made a backup in the process before upgrading, did you retain that backup of your database?

Please let us know if you had any other questions at all!

- Jacob

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Sorry this is so confusing. I installed the original Concrete5 through Softaculous. I then received a message saying an upgrade was available so I installed the upgrade through the Concrete5 dashboard. After installing the dashboard showed two installations. One of the old and one new. Backup files were made of both installations, but of course the older installation did not reflect any of the recent changes I had made. I spent a good deal of time with Tech support Tuesday evening. They were able to restore the older version with the data base, but in the process of trying to restore the newer version we lost the data base. Does that help?
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2014-05-02 4:20 pm EST "dashboard" do you mean the Concrete5 dashboard that appears when working on the website? If so, No, I did not install the update from there. I installed it from the link found in the "notices" section of cPanel.
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2014-05-02 4:32 pm EST
I realize now that it was the Softaculous installer that I used to install the upgrade. This communication would be easier if the installer said "Softaculous Installer" somewhere on the page... :-/
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2014-05-02 4:47 pm EST
Hello guthriefirstumc,

Unfortunately at this point it doesn't sound like there is a whole lot that can be done to restore the newly entered data that you had in the newer version of Concrete5.

From what I'm seeing on the server, it looks like you had one MySQL database created as _conc329 and then another which currently your Concrete5 /config/site.php file is using for the active database of _conc560.

Are you sure you logged into Softaculous and clicked the blue update version arrows to update your Concrete5 version through Softaculous?

After you do that it drops you to this page where you have the option to create a backup and begin the upgrade:

I just followed these same steps on my own older Concrete install and after it was done with the upgrade I was only left with 1 install in Softaculous. It also stayed using the same database name.

So it sounds like you might have accidentally possibly gone into Softaculous and on the Concrete5 page hit Install instead of using the upgrade arrows? That's the only thing that I can think of that would have left you with 2 separate installations like that.

- Jacob
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2014-05-02 5:41 pm EST
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