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Where's the UserMenu in Joomla 2.5?

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2013-07-15 4:50 pm EST

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I read the Education Channel article about the User Profile plugin, and the following article about viewing User Profiles. It said that when a user is logged in, they will see a User Menu. (Yes, I've enabled the User Profile plugin.) But no such menu is showing up. I thought maybe it was there, but just not assigned to a position, but no such menu is even in my list of menus. I need a menu that gives individual users different options, such as editing their profile, and viewing information specific to them. I can see how to do this with User Groups, but not with individual users. I would prefer not to have to create a new User Group for every user. And I've looked for an extension that does this, but can't find one? So... twofold question: Why can't I find the User Menu? And, how can I give users the option to view individual information without assigning each one of them to their own User Group? Thanks:-)

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2013-07-15 5:50 pm EST
Hello Jampff,

Thanks for the question, and apologies for the confusion with the User Profile tutorial. It appears that the user profile plug-in is geared to simply get the plugin loaded so that it can be accessed by an admin only. Otherwise, it appears that you need to create a link with different permissions to allow registered users to view the user's profile, or actually use a different plugin for that purpose. This information is detailed in the following post: Allowing Users to edit their own profile.

It also sounds like you've possibly added multiple user groups. You can give user groups different permissions and all users that you add to that user group should inherit that groups permissions. This means that you should not have to create a new user group for each individual person. Once you create a group, everytime that you assign a user to it, that user should inherit the permissions associated with the group.

I really hope this helps to clarity the answer for you. If you have any further questions, please let us know.

Arnel C.

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Thanks, Arn! I will look at the post you linked to and see if that clears up the confusion.

As for your second paragraph, let me clarify:-) I don't think "permissions" are the issue. None of the users of my website will ever submit any content; they will only view content that I publish as an administrator. So submitting/editing articles, etc. is not in question. I believe what I am concerned about rather is access levels: making sure that some users can view certain content, but others can't. I've already figured that out, I'm pretty sure.

My issue is this: I want my users in groups so that that each group can access content that is specific to their group. HOWEVER, I also want each individual user to be able to access information that is specific to them as a user, as well. So far, the only way I can see to limit what people can access is to put them in different user groups, with different access levels. If every user needs to see different information, I certainly hope I don't need to create a new user group and access level for each user! Talk about tedious and inefficient:-) Especially when I do need them to be part of a larger group as well.

I was hoping that perhaps I could assign users to groups, but then attach their individualized information to their profile somehow. Hence, my first question. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks...
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2013-07-16 7:38 pm EST
Hello Jampff,

Thanks for your response. I looked around quite a bit, and I have not really seen anything that meets the parameters of what you have asked. It goes beyond the typical user operations, so you would probably need to seek a plugin/extension to extend the capability of the user. I will keep looking and see if there is anything out there that matches your requirements. You described it very well, so hopefully there may already be a developed solution available to you.

Arnel C.
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2013-07-16 9:41 pm EST
Arn, thanks again for looking out for me! Likewise, if I figure something out, I'll pass it along.

Perhaps I should just explain my specific situation. I'm a private piano teacher. I want each of my students to be able to login and access the assignments related to whatever course they're currently working on. This is easily done with user groups, since all students in a certain course can just be assigned to the same group... Then when they move to a new course, I can just place them in the next group. However, I also want each student to be able to see their individual lesson schedule and payment information (different for everyone). Hope that makes sense.

Also, I tried clicking on the link in your original answer: Allowing Users To Edit Their Own Profile... and it's not clickable for some reason. :-( Would you mind directing me to that article again? I can't find it on the Education Channel either.

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2013-07-17 1:58 am EST
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