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2013-11-23 6:45 am EST

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I have installed FormMail and it is running fine. I got it all set up except I have made a thank you page that after all has been filled in and then submitted the page should come up . I do not know where to add this in the script.
Anyone can help me with this?

Thx Ian

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I'm having the same issue. I've installed FormMail on an add-on domain and have a custom Thank You page. It's an .shtml file and I have the code redirecting to the whole address: ""
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2016-03-31 11:33 pm EST



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2013-11-25 8:36 am EST
Within our article on how to set up FormMail, you will see a section labeled Redirecting the page to your own "Thank You" page. In this section, there is a line of code that looks like this:

<input type="hidden" name="redirect" value="" / >

Here, you would just set the value to the URL of your thank you form.

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Hi Jeff
Thx for taking time to answer this. This is how I set it up that it goes to the page I made in HTML but what I get is a page that shows all the info that had been entered and at the bottom it shows FormMail © 2001 London Perl Mongers
So that is not my page
Is there anything I have to do in the .pl form itself?
Other question the hidden part is below the submit button butr still with in the form field. Is this which might cause it to redirect wrongly?

Thx Ian
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2013-11-25 10:06 am EST
Hello icmc69,

Is it a .html page that you're linking to? Also are you being sure to include a full path to your HTML file including

Without seeing your account itself it's a bit hard to troubleshoot what is possibly going wrong here. I did some searching online and it seems like people having similar issues usually didn't type in the full URL to their page, and instead just left the file name like thankyou.html. It would seem that because the script needs to be placed in your /cgi-bin/ directory, if you don't include the full path to your own thank you page it will attempt to load the file from there and possibly fail.

Also, yes the redirect input text should go before the submit button in order for the form to properly catch the data.

Please let us know if you're still having problems.

- Jacob
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2013-11-25 12:46 pm EST

yes it is a html page.

The limk I had in was menus/thankyou_signature.html

I changed it now to

../left menus/thankyou_signature.html

../ meaning that it is in the root

Both aren't working

Thx Ian
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2013-11-25 2:30 pm EST
Hello Ian,

Thanks for the additional information. When you try to go to that URL in your web-browser, do you see the thank you page you're intending to see? I do not, and get a 404 not found error instead.

It's important to remember that on Linux servers which is what your website appears to be running on, that all files and folder names are case-sensitive. So while this page won't work: menus/thankyou_signature.html

This should: Menus/thankyou_signature.html

Let us know if you're still having any issues.

- Jacob
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2013-11-25 2:38 pm EST
Hi Jacob
Many many thanks
The problem is solved. Having looked at your recommendations I have copied the html file out of the folder and put it into the root. Also changed the link then and now it works
Superb mate
Thanks a lot for that

Thank you so much
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2013-11-25 3:34 pm EST
Hello Ian,

No problem at all, glad that worked for you!

- Jacob
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2013-11-25 4:15 pm EST

2016-03-31 11:49 pm EST
Oops - I found the mistake in my code! There were <p> tags around the form, which apparently messed it up. :p

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