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My site is still loading too slow?
2017-11-28 2:02 pm EST

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Hello In Motion & Co

I am a new customer coming from Site Ground.***.net

One of the reasons I moved to InMotion was that I thought that I could speed up my site due t the SSD etc.

However the opposite is the case.***.net/bWx42DpR

The numbers look pretty good but I believe that every thing is actually really slow.

I have done all kinds of stuff.

- Joomla Cache optimisation
- Dedicated Joomla Cache plugin (JCH)
- Added code to the .httacess file
- stopped an out of control script
- switched off another plugin that was apparently using 80% f the CPU cycles
( Secure Plugin)
- took steps to avoid the site loading twice (this might be happening again!)

and more

And still the site does not really get much faster.

I even have the impression that the more I navigate my site the slower it gets.

I have been attempting to deal with this problem for weeks now and would really like to move forward.

What is slowing things down?
Any kind of break down of what is going wrong and why?

Would be greatly appreciated



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Update: I have returned to my old hoster and EVERYTHING runs faster. Same site different hoster. Oh happy days.
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2018-02-26 05:29 pm EST



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2017-11-28 3:02 pm EST
Hello Paul,

Thank you for your question regarding your site loading slow. When I check the "Waterfall" tab in GTMetrix, it indicates a lot of PHP processing happening. Due to this I recomend enabling caching. While the caching plugin may be installed, it does not seem to be caching some of the regularly requested elements. This is causing it to generate them with PHP every time it is requested, rather than just serving it from cache.

I also noticed some large documents and javascripts taking a while to load. You may want to review what tasks these are performing to see if they can be optimized.

Thank you,

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Hi Jean Paul,

This is a really important piece of info. I will talk witht he Cache plugin developers as I have made the experience that turning on both the Joomla Cache and the JCH Cache actually slows things down!

With respect to you second point could you kindly give me a little more to go on!?!

I am not a tech guy but once I know what the things are called I can find solutions?

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2017-11-29 8:17 am EST
When I test using Chrome's Inspect tool, I noticed a javascript taking 1.29 seconds to load. Located here: https://www.********.net/media/plg_jchoptimize/cache/491d5c39913aa686becd13ddce2cad6a_0.js

This seems to delay the page loading, and I noticed these similar javascripts on every page I tested. While these scripts may be necessary, there may be an easier way to accomplish this.

It is not exactly clear what is happening, but your site also seems to be generating a document page every time the page loads. Whatever this document is, you may be able to automatically generate and cache it, then serve it from the cache. This way your site does not have to regenerate it every time someone visits or loads the page.

Thank you,
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2017-11-29 10:18 am EST
Hi John-Paul

Again many thanks.
This is invaluable information that might well help me get to the bottom of this.
Greatly appreciated.

All the the Paul.
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2017-11-30 3:30 am EST
Hi Jean Paul,

Hi Jean Paul,

After another week this is the response I got from the JCH people. (they make the cache component that optimises things for my CMS = Joomla)

***********************************JCH START***********************************

Your problem is with server response time. This is the time it takes for the server to process a request and sends back a response. The plugin doesn't help with this, the plugin only helps with the time it takes to download the content by optimising the HTML so this is outside the scope of support that we provide. Please read this article on how the plugin works:

In fact, the plugin will add to the server response time because it takes some time to run. Generally though, the gain from the increased download speed will offset this minor increase.

Using gtmetrix and inspecting the Waterfall tab I can see the site taking nearly 30 seconds to respond:

It's actually timing out on

Using caching can help but at this point it's best to fix the underlying problem first. A slow server response time is caused by either a slow server or inefficient software. A valuable tool to help investigate this is to enable the Joomla!'s System Debug in Global Configuration and the System Debug plugin and view the Profile Information section printed at the bottom of the page. When I view this I would have to conclude that there is a server issue. I can see where it takes the site 30 seconds in total to generate. The JCH Optimize plugin even takes 10 seconds to run, this in comparison to the average time of 100ms measured on various servers. I have disabled the plugin as it's not helping on this server and is only making matters worse. I would recommend discussing this with your host further to see how this can be improved.

***********************************JCH END***********************************

I do not want to shoot the messenger but.

a) I am not going to thrown money at solving this problem by upgrading
b) I would like a solution for my current solution which is “lame” = some one from inmotion looks at this!
c) If not I can still go back to Site ground where I can get more bang for buck

I look forward to hearing from you, putting this behind me and moving forward

all the best

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2017-12-06 2:46 am EST
Hello Paul,

I reviewed issue after looking at your response and John Paul's finding. I also reviewed the live technical support team's conclusions on the issue. Both are referring to optimization that is required with your site in order to speed up your website. The processing of the website code through the server is the main issue. Your account is on a shared server and costs for any shared system are lower because of shared resources with other websites on that server. If you do not believe that code optimization is a route that you can take, then you will need to have a server account type where you have more resources available and dedicated to your specific website. This can only be done by upgrading to a VPS or dedicated server account. The live technical support team's review is detailed and identifies the specific issues that are related to the processing issues that are slowing the site. Apologies again that we do not have a direct solution through the shared server account. Increasing resource availability or dedicating those resources just for your site by upgrading your account remains the most immediate way to address the issue. If you have any further questions, please let us know.
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2017-12-06 7:06 am EST
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