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RTF files bounce back in email

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2013-06-16 10:57 am EST

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I'm having some trouble with RTF files bouncing back when being sent to us on In Motion email servers.

Please, I need this to be taken off the list for unauthorized files. We are a copywriting agency, and RTFs are imperative to us.


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2013-06-17 10:34 am EST
Hello expresswriters!

Sorry for the trouble with the <em>rtf</em> files not going through to your server. The <em>rtf</em> file format is not in our configuration to block. The table below shows the blocked file formats.
<table class="table table-bordered table-striped" border="0" width="100%"><thead><th colspan="6"><div align="center">Blocked File Attachment types</div></th></thead><tbody><tr><td><div align="center">ad[ep]</div></td><td><div align="center">ba[st]</div></td><td><div align="center">chm</div></td><td><div align="center">cmd</div></td><td><div align="center">com</div></td><td><div align="center">cpl</div></td></tr><tr><td><div align="center">crt</div></td><td><div align="center">eml</div></td><td><div align="center">exe</div></td><td><div align="center">hlp</div></td><td><div align="center">hta</div></td><td><div align="center">in[fs]</div></td></tr><tr><td><div align="center">isp</div></td><td><div align="center">jse</div></td><td><div align="center">lnk</div></td><td><div align="center">md[be]</div></td><td><div align="center">ms[cipt]</div></td><td><div align="center">pcd</div></td></tr><tr><td><div align="center">pif</div></td><td><div align="center">reg</div></td><td><div align="center">scr</div></td><td><div align="center">sct</div></td><td><div align="center">shs</div></td><td><div align="center">url</div></td></tr><tr><td><div align="center">vb[se]</div></td><td><div align="center">ws[fhc]</div></td><td><div align="center"></div></td><td><div align="center"></div></td><td><div align="center"></div></td><td><div align="center"></div></td></tr></tbody></table>
Below is the header of the exim file that scans for file formats.

<pre style="padding:5px">if $header_content-type: matches "(?:file)?name=(\"[^\"]+\\\\.(?:ad[ep]|ba[st]|chm|cmd|com|cpl|crt|eml|exe|hlp|hta|in[fs]|isp|jse?|lnk|md[be]|ms[cipt]|pcd|pif|reg|scr|sct|shs|url|vb[se]|ws[fhc])\")"</pre>
Its possible the file is not making it through the senders firewall. It's difficult to say. Does this behavior happen from anyone at any location?

Best Regards,
James R

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This was supposed to be taken care of by support agent a couple of days ago. I don't understand this email file formats and so forth. I am sending a file from my Gmail to my email server on in motion hosting. This is where I'm getting the bounce backs.
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2013-06-17 11:08 am EST
Ok, so its specifically form Gmail addresses. Could you send the bounce message to We need out support to check the email bounce for the information we need to look into the error. Because this is an open forum, you will not want to have your email addresses publicly displayed. Put "Attention James R" in the subject line and I will get it ASAP. Sorry for all the trouble on this.
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2013-06-17 12:35 pm EST
Hello Expresswriters,

Sorry to hear about the continuing problems. I created an RTF file on my laptop and then sent it to from my gmail account. When I sent it I was watching your server live to see if it would get blocked. It did not get blocked and was noted as being successfully delivered. If you're continually seeing something getting blocked, you should be receiving a bounce-back message in Gmail regarding the delivery of the message. Do you get a bounce-back? This would clearly identify the issue for us. If you do, please forward the message to and then let us know that you have sent it so that we can look for it. If you could please put Support Center in the title, then we could identify email and further review the problem.

Kindest Regards,

Arnel C.
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2013-06-17 12:36 pm EST
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