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My iPhone email account stopped working suddenly. I get the message "Cannot get Mail." The mail server ... is not responding..." I tried deleting and reconfiguring the account, but still get the same message. What is the fix?

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2013-07-13 6:03 am EST

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2013-07-15 8:45 am EST
Hi Lockwood,

I'm sorry to hear about the email issue you're having, and hopefully I can help. If you are checking your email and it is failing because:

<strong>The mail server is not responding</strong>

... most likely there was a temporary issue on the server. If that is the case, it should be resolved by now as these temporary issues are not usually long lived. Are you still having this issue?

<strong>IP Blocked/Blacklisted on server</strong>

At times the server's security software may see your IP address a a threat. For example, a script may be trying to connect to the server over and over from your <strong>IP address</strong>. This would cause you to get blocked/blacklisted. You can easily <a href="">determine if your IP is blocked</a> from the server.

<strong>Try changing your email server names</strong>

If you are still having this issue, you can try updating your mail server in your iphone. For example, you can use several different values for the email server, such as the server's hostname or the server's IP address.

Even though the following article is about FTP, it describes several different values you can use as a server name. The same principle applies for both ftp and email (unless you are connecting securley using If you are still having the, "mail server is not responding" problem, please try a different <strong>Host name</strong> as described on <a href=''>this page</a>.

<strong>Webmail as a temporary alternative</strong>

If you need to check your email immediately, as a temporary work around, you can use webmail:

<a href=''>How to log into Webmail</a>

- Brad

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I am having the same issue, my iphone mail client stoped working since two weeks ago. What is the solution for this? I cannot be checking the mail in in the webmail. I am connecting securely so the solution you provide do not apply to me. So please tell me what to do. I need a solution for this asap.
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2013-09-22 11:36 pm EST
If you have remove and re-added the email account and it is still not working, I recommend contacting our support department via phone, chat, or email to ensure that the settings that you are entering are correct. If the settings are correct and you have removed/re-added the account to your phone, I recommend contacting Apple for further assistance as something within your phone may be corrupted.
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2013-09-23 9:08 am EST

2013-11-07 3:53 pm EST
I had the same issue. What worked for me (just a few minutes ago) was to go to Setting, then General, and at the bottom tap Reset, then on next page I hit reset network settings. It asked my for my code, which I put in. The phone shut off for about five minutes and when it came up all my emails were fine. I was desperate, but you may want to first find out what hitting this reset does. In my case it was a God send...Good Luck

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Thank you JoeDonlan !!! It worked perfectly ! Thanks God I found your comment !
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2014-12-28 4:33 pm EST
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