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max_allowed_packet Drupal MySQL error

Category: Drupal

2012-05-07 10:23 pm EST

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I'm attempting to migrate a drupal database from GoDaddy. I get the error indicating that max_allowed_packet is too small. Please increase. I do not at this time wish to do this myself with root access.
SQL query:

INSERT INTO `cache_field` (`cid`, `data`, `expire`, `created`, `serialized`) VALUES ('field:node:37', 0x613a313a7b733a343a22626f6479223b613a313a7b733a333a22756e64223b613a313a7b693a303b613a333a7b733a353a2276616c7565223b733a3631343839373a223c21444f43545950452068746d6c205055424c494320222d2f2f5733432f2f445444205848544d4c20312e30205472616e736974696f6e616c2f2f454e222022687474703a2f2f7777772e77332e6f72672f54522f7868746d6c312f4454442f7868746d6c312d7472616e736974696f6e616c2e647464223e0d0a3c68746d6c20786d6c6e733d22687474703a2f2f7777772e77332e6f72672f313939392f7868746d6c22203e0d0a3c686561643e0d0a202020203c7469746c653e556e7469746c656420506167653c2f7469746c653e0d0a202020203c7374796c6520747970653d22746578742f637373223e0d0a0d0a68320d0a097b6d617267696e3a2031322e3070742030696e3b0d0a202020202020202020202020706167652d627265616b2d61667465723a61766f69643b0d0a092020202020202020666f6e742d73697a653a32302e3070743b0d0a092020202020202020666f6e742d66616d696c793a2243616c69627269222c2273616e732d7365726966223b0d0a0[...]

MySQL said:

#1153 - Got a packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes

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2012-05-08 8:24 am EST
Hi Frontline,

I can see based on the notes on your account that our Tier2 department was able to upgrade your max_allowed_packet value. If you don't have <a href='' target='_blank'>root access to your server</a>, you would need to contact our Support Department for assistance with updating this value.

max_allowed_packet is currently set to 5M. If this hasn't resolved the issue at hand, feel free to post a comment at the bottom of this page and we'll be more than happy to assist further.

- Brad

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