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Testing with temporary subdomain?

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2013-08-22 12:15 pm EST

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I am moving an existing website to a new inmotion account. Can I use a temporary subdomain of my existing domain to point to the new email boxes and web pages as I move them?

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2013-08-22 2:51 pm EST
Hello markrjohnson, and thanks for the question.

If you'd like to test a website out on your account, you can either test your website using your temporary URL, or you can modify your local hosts file to force your computer to resolve the domain name directly to our server.

I'd personally recommend using the hosts file modification, as sometimes the temporary URL is incompatible with certain applications. The temporary URL will typically work in a lot of cases as well though.

Either of these options would probably be preferred over creating a testing subdomain, that way when you're done testing, you just update the domain's DNS records to resolve to the server publicly and you don't need to worry about readjusting the subdomain.

Please let us know if you have any further questions at all.

- Jacob

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Neither of these work for testing email. I'd like to send a message to
"" Is there a way to do that?
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2013-08-22 4:19 pm EST
Hello markrjohnson,

Sorry that I left the bit about email out, just to clarify, when you're stating that you're trying to make a temporary subdomain for testing, in the end are you looking to actually have a subdomain hosted with us? Or were you just thinking about using a subdomain as a staging process for an actual full domain name?

I ask because if your end goal doesn't include a subdomain, then creating one just means you'll have additional work to do when you'd like to switch that site over to a full domain.

If you did in fact want to setup a subdomain that can also receive mail, then you'd need to modify your MX records, select from the drop-down, and then under the Add New Record section you'd leave the Priority at 0, and then for the Destination you'd enter in the A DNS record of the subdomain, so in this case

If you're not using a subdomain and just using the full domain and modifying your hosts file, until you point the live domain to our server there wouldn't be a way for people from the outside world to get emails into those mailboxes unless you updated your MX record to point away from your previous server.

You could still go ahead and create an email account and even access it via webmail using the temporary URL format of:

Where servername would be your server's hostname which you can get by viewing your account's technical information in AMP.

I hope that more fully answers your question, please let us know if you had any other questions.

- Jacob
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2013-08-22 5:12 pm EST
During the migration of the website and email addresses, the DNS is not at inmotionhosting.
Can you let me know what IP and MX settings should be on the current host, and if there are any settings needed at inmotion?
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2013-08-26 3:02 pm EST
Hello markrjohnson,

Thank you for your question. With a normal DNS setup, you can create the email accounts in cPanel, allow up to 24 hours for the changes to propagate, then point the Nameservers to us.

After pointing your nameservers to us, some emails will go to the old server, and some to the new server until propagation completes (up to 24 hours).

After 24 hours, all emails will come to us.

If you have specific "A records" or "MX records" setup, you would want the following setup on our server prior to pointing the Nameservers:

Point to your shared IP address

MX Records:

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.
Thank you,

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2013-08-26 3:52 pm EST
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